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Graz, Austria

The city of Graz is located in the southeastern part of Austria and  and is a center of Styria. This is the second largest city of Austria with a population of about 300,000 people. The abundance of green spaces on the streets and parks, combined with a bright red-tiled roofs and diverse architecture, form the appearance of the city. Graz has a great importance in the educational system of the country. Today, four universities are placed there, where study tens of thousands of students. Also, there are numerous monuments and other interesting attractions, due to which at the beginning of this century Graz was officially proclaimed cultural capital of Europe.

Every year, many thousands of tourists from all around the world come to these places. Here is perfectly developed transport infrastructure with a very simple system of payment for public transport.  Guests are provided with a great selection of comfortable and cozy hotels for every taste, there are all sorts of entertainment and multi-functional commercial complexes.

Castle Schlossberg

Schlossberg castle is a major historic landmark and a symbol of Graz today. It is located near the Hauptplats area. It stands at an altitude of 475 meters above sea level, on a beautiful green hill. The fortress was built during the Middle Ages and up to now, but preserved only Urturm clock tower , perfectly visible from any point of Graz, and casemates. The bell tower and two bastions are located near the tower. The dial on the tower remained exactly the same as it was some centuries ago, with excellent working clock mechanism. Today it is very popular among the couples and newlyweds. It is believed that kisses the foot of the tower are the guarantee of loyalty and love. On the territory of the fortress are several restaurants and cafes, with design and decorations which match the spirit of the time, and where you can fully plunge into the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. In addition, the castle is equipped with several convenient viewing platforms, offering incredible views on the surrounding landscapes. There are several ways to get to the castle, but the most romantic and comfortable, is the rise on the funicular. Walking through the territory of Schlossberg is a real journey into the past, during which you can get a lot of impressions.

castle Eggenberg

No less important cultural value for the Graz has Eggenberg castle, which is situated on the outskirts of the city in the middle of the picturesque hills and is the largest aristocratic residence of the Styria. Eggenberg building was started in 1625 year, when the Duke Eggenberg ordered to build a palace, as his personal estate. It was built by architector Giovanni Pietro de Pomisa, who designed the palace with all the astrological canons, to which the future owner of the castle was not indifferent. Thus, the four towers located on the side of the castle symbolize the seasons and the number of rooms symbolize a number of weeks in a calendar year. 24 service rooms reflect the number of hours in a day. The central hall is decorated with frescoes, which have astrological themes. Meanwhile, construction was delayed, and the work was completed after the death of the Duke. In 1666, the grandson of the Eggenberg ordered painter Vaysenkirher to decorate the inner walls of the castle with 600 artistic creations, which now leads to delight tourists, who visiting the castle. In the XVIII century, its rooms were furnished in the rococo style, and a classic English park with ornamental plants and manicured lawns was spread out around the castle.

island Murinsel

Artificial island Murinsel, is situated on the river Mura, - one of the brightest objects in Graz. It looks like a huge sea shell of width of 20 and length of 50 meters. There is a kind of amphitheater for concerts and special occasions at the center, it can accommodate a few hundred spectators. With the continent, island is connected with a convenient pedestrian bridges. The author of of the project is american painter Vito Acconci, an exposition was dedicated to the victory in the international competition " European culture Capital." Among other interesting sights it can be distinguished St. Giles Cathedral, Museum of Contemporary Art "Kunsthaus", a charming Graz castle and the mausoleum of King Ferdinand II.

The street Herrengasse will appreciate the fans of shopping most of all, there are located most popular stores, shopping malls and boutiques of the city. Among the other shopping centers may be noted, those that are located on the outskirts, Shopping Center West and the Shopping City Seiersberg. Landhauskeller and Altsteirische Schmankerlstubn are the best restaurants, they are located near the Schlossberg castle. It is easy to find a comfortable hotels in Graz, because simply there are no bad hotels there.

Graz has a mild climate, close to the Mediterranean, it is well protected from the Atlantic winds, as it is located to the south-east of the majestic Alps. Graz is the traditional Western European city, with its own romanticism and elegance. Staying here will take a lot of positive emotions to every traveler.

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