What is a CISS and MFP


Despite the seemingly confusing title of the article, with an abundance of Neponyatyh abbreviations, in fact for most modern people, mostly the younger generation, they are no mystery.

What is MFP?

MFP - is a multifunctional device that is a great success combines the features and capabilities of the printer, scanpa and Xerox. And, all in one, compact enough (compared to full-weight copier) housing (ehh ... then I remembered how 10 years ago as a student, had considerably Spend your time and energy running through the city in search of whether printer, or photocopier, or a scanner). Modern MFP is not just enough featurestional device, but at the same time, with significantly improved performance that allows you to perform operations such as printing photos in high quality. But, like any other, can be less functional printer or copier, MFP also needs periodic replacement ink. And here it just comes in secondI incomprehensible abbreviation - CISS.

What is CISS?

It is not nothing but a continuous ink supply system. It is an intermediate tank for black and color inks, which are connected to the printhead through transparent tubular channels. Application of similaritytion device, not only eliminate all unpleasant consequences replacement process of the ink cartridge and associated mainly with downtime, but also greatly reduces the overall cost, and hence the total cost of the finished product. Statistically, the application allows you to reduce the cost of CISS printing on plain paper 20 ... 30 cents, and photo printing nand 30 ... 40 cents. By the way, to get the MFP with CISS can be established in the online store: inksystem.com.by.

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