What is the liquidation of the enterprise


Any activity, particularly business ands an distinct staging. The main stages of the life cycle of any business are:

  • business opening and registration with the relevant authorities;
  • The active phase of production;
  • or closing, AO, SP.

Each of these steps is quite complex documentary process. If, for example, the circumstances are such that the activity of the company is not advisable to continue on for various reasons, may be a good option would be to eliminate it. And that's how Just here for the full power begins not workeds our bureaucracy. No joke, if for self-liquidation of the enterprise, from the moment of its judgment and to now have to go more than thirty important steps. Ordinary private entrepreneur can be quite difficult to reach such a wealth of information. Besides, all this red tape can significantly delayed in time (when formally PFitsialnom the process of liquidation, the whole procedure can legally last up to six months), which naturally does not go any whose plans, except officials. To solve the problem rather quickly and painlessly may Specialized company that directly, as the main activity in the legal liquidation of the enterprise. Thus, e.g., Experts of the legal company "Registration of Firms 1" have vast experience in this area, established contacts and circuits, know all the legislative agenda. That is why you should pay on the occasion of their attention here. Such cooperation is beneficial to the fact that avoids unnecessary penalties, which are inevitable even with maLeucheni violation liquidation procedure.

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