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Running is the perfect sport because it harmoniously develops the whole body. Everyone may be engaged in it, regardless of place of residence and age. But before you will engage in this sport, read carefully the recommendations to prepare.

1. Buy the appropriate shoes.
Forget about the old and worn-out sneakers. No matter what you think shoes is the basis. The main thing is that it has been designed specifically for running and well-suited to your leg. Find a store where there is large selection of shoes and ask the staff to help you to choose.

running shoesWhat to look for:
- Shoes should be lined with a soft, elastic insert that provides comfort and absorbs the shocks.
- Front of the shoes should be strengthened to protect the fingers from injury.
- Comfortable, soft and flexible upper of the shoe should enable the foot to move freely to avoid the appearance of blisters.
- Choose a hard heel. During the movement of the foot in the shoes, the heel should be firmly strengthened.
- The sole should be done with visible protectors that provide good traction.

Use a shoe only for running. Then it will serve you longer.

where to run2. Choose a good surface.
The ideal surface is smooth and soft. Choose tartan ( running track for athletics), and stationary running tracks or smooth asphalt. Avoid concrete sidewalks. Forest paths not recommended. Although they readily absorb shocks, but it is very easy to tuck the leg there.

warm-up before running3. Warm up before training.
Warm-up not only protects your feet from injury, but also prepares the entire body to run. March in place, jogging, jumping, leg swings - all this will increase your productivity and safety.

4. Pay attention to the position of the foot.
If you're not a sprinter, avoid landing on the toes. It can end a painful and prolonged muscle injury of the tibia. Try to land on the whole foot (not the heel), and only then carry the weight on the toes.

5. Work on the silhouette.
- Straighten your back, gently pulling the shoulders.
- Lift your head and focus your eyes on the road in front of you.
- Bend the hands in elbows, so that between the shoulder and forearm formed an angle of 90 degrees. Work of the shoulders is subordinated to the rhythm of the feet.

heart rate monitor for running6. Watch for a time, not distance.
At the beginning it is better to take a minutes than miles. If you are installing a large distance for yourself, the natural tendency is a desire to overcome it as quickly as possible. In addition, too fast pace, usually ends with colic, spasms, or injuries. If you want to work on endurance, then the key factors there will be time and comfortable pace. Therefore, in the beginning is better to run slower and longer, with no deadly apnea, in such a way, that you will be able to speak freely with you companion.

7. Avoid overloading.
Even the most lively schedule of training does not involve performance of the same exercises every day. The muscles need a rest, especially at first time. Start running with a little pace, and then move on to fast, and increase the loading.

8. Increase the loading gradually.
If you feel that your stamina increases, and you can increase the distance/time, do it wisely. The basic principle of running is that you can increase the training every week for up to 10%, relative to the longest distance/time. Be sure to use this principle to avoid injuries and overloading.

Stretching after a run9. Stretch your muscles after training.
It is necessarily to complete stretching after training. If you do not stretch the muscles after training, sooner or later they will start to hurt.

10. Listen to your body.
Do not underestimate the signals sent by the body. It is better to stop training for a day or two, instead of having to spend a month in bed, and then slowly return to the form.

- Blisters on the feet is a sign, that you badly selected the shoes.
- If you feel dizzy or nauseous, stop and calm down the breath and drink the water.
- Do not run on an empty stomach, no matter whether you burn fat.
- Apathy and lack of motivation to run can mean that you overtrain. Take a break. Replace the running, for example, with a relaxing bathing.

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    Bobby - 9.12.2012, 18:40
    Runing is the best sports. Everybody lets run and be healthy.
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    Running is the best kind of sport. I love it!
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    Runnig is great way to be healthy and shaped.