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So in our country has come a time when seemingly unshakeable sports have to make room and let to themselves in the elite club another friend - diving. After looking at the  digits, it becomes clear - diving hobby is comparable only with the epidemic. Already 20 million divers enthusiasts are certified around the world, and in fact no more than 40 years ago, there were only few hundreds. Divers are confident that diving to a depth of 40 meters is the best rest. In the summer of 2004 at the Olympic Games diving was included in the list of of demonstration performances. It is possible that in the near future we will see the Olympic gold medal on the diver.

diving Diving hobby in Russia has acquire mass character during the "Reconstruction". Just then, our Russian submariners began to study according to international standards. In 1994-1996, first dive clubs were beginning to appear, and the number of divers began to grow exponentially. Now in Russia the number of diving centers with certificates already exceeded one hundred. And in each course there are masters who passed several certification systems. That's why every Russian diver have the opportunity to get the highest quality training without leaving the country. Most divers, who have completed training go on their first dive to the Red Sea and the Canary Islands or in the other resort areas . And while travel equipment and training costs money, in Russia not only rich people like to dive. A recent poll showed that - 22% of our divers have an income of less than $ 300 per month, of which 14% are students. Therefore, our divers are using the equipment of the club, where they are trained, as indeed really quality diving equipment costs $ 1500 per set. The average diver's age in Russia is about 30 years. This is the youth living in urban areas and having a higher education.

Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques ( CMAS)— is the oldest international organization which brings together national federations of underwater sports and diving.   CMAS is the only one generally accepted organization, that is responsible for the work in the field of underwater sports. This association includes more than 100 countries its headquarters is located in Rome.

Diving is only recommended if you have a certificate that gives the right to self-immersion. Otherwise, in a good club you will not get the equipment for diving. Diver Training will take a little time, but during the training period a beginner diver does not only gaining the necessary skills, but also passes the control test and set-offs. Restrictions are minimal for health reasons, the main thing are - the lack of hypertension and diseases of cardio-vascular system.
While studying, divers pass created abnormal situations, and ways out of them. The main problem of the diver during the dive is the nitrogen poisoning, which can cause a person to make absurd and inappropriate actions. At a depth of 100 m a "drug" sleep is possible. divingIt is recommended to drink water between dives to prevent dehydration. Diving should be trained with an instructor who will help with the right training course and will recommend how to select quality equipment and wetsuit.
Is diving dangerous? If the diver strictly follows safety rules that are taught on the course, the risk will be minimized. Statistics, which knows all, shows that diving is located on the 22 place by the number of accidents.

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