What is a baby monitor, and what is it for?


When the child sleeps in a separate room while you're athodites in their own backyard in another room, or when you are: a walk on the street, at a distance, it is important to know when the baby wakes up, starts crying, it is something to bother and so. d. A simple baby monitor is designed for audio control sleep (waking up) children. Receiving a signal from the device is carried out on a regular householdFM radio band.

What is a baby monitor?

Classic consists of two devices: the transmitter + receiver tuned to the same frequency (wave). The transmitter is placed in the baby's room, and the receiver is taken from a baby to listen to. There are different baby monitors as "Analog ", which have one, the main function - listen to the space at the baby, and more functional" digital ", in which there is a lot of support functions, such as ambient temperature, feedback, and so the sound indicator. d. Of course, price of such devices are rather big.

A simple baby monitor consists only ofone transmitter and receiver is used as a normal radio VHF / FM band, which is already there in almost every family. This portable radio with VHF / FM, and the old lady portable cassette player with radio, CD player or modern with built-in and so on. D. Even if there is no receiver, you can buy it in maGazin electronics or radio market at a reasonable price (reasonable quality receivers with high sensitivity, cost from $ 15). This option saves you a simple baby monitor a lot of money, and the main function, listen to the baby at a distance, it performs perfectly.

Baby Monitor Transmitter Specifications:

  • Power : no more than 150 mV;
  • The frequency of transmission : 89 MHz (adjustable for free from radio frequency, depends on the place of residence), or customized within the 64-108 MHz ;
  • supply voltageof : 3 (2hAA) batteries included;
  • Dimensions : Width 48 mm, height 68 mm, thickness 20 mm, length 155 mm antenna.

Features of operation monitors

range depends on the sensitivity of the receiver and externalaround him / obstacles (reinforced concrete walls, trees, etc.. d.) where the system works transmitter-receiver. In the context of an apartment building - in an apartment, not less than 20 meters. In open space - in a direct line of sight, at least 50 meters.

Microphone Sensitivity

Microphone Transmitterand is very sensitive and need not have a transmitter in close proximity to the infant. Enough to place him in a room where the baby.

The ambient temperature

In case of significant temperature changes, for example, in winter, the room-street deviates frequency transmitter in the Neznachitelnyh limits. It is enough to tune in to the desired wave.

Advice on setting up the receiver to the desired frequency

First, you need to place the transmitter in the room where the baby and turn it on. A receiver includes, in the room where you will be staying. This eliminates the unpleasant sound modatnoy communication (self-excitation). Pull out the telescopic antenna, turn down the volume on the receiver to tune in the wave transmitter and add volume to a comfortable listening.

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