What better stepper motor or servo


In this paper, we consider two of the popular at this time drives: stepper motionmotors and servo.

The drive, which fulfills the discrete angular movements called a stepper motor. On its rotor magnets have a same gear unit. Unit, which controls the operation of the engine itself, makes switching windings are distributed uniformly in the most current phases. The angular displacement, when nUsing the fully switched one phase is a major step angle. The control unit (motor driver) separates the small step, as the operation step occurs. The magnitude of this angular step, the control unit and the engine is running accuracy depends on the position of the rotor. It is possible to use feedback, although make it veryrarely.

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mandatory uses data from the feedback. Usually sine-tapered encoder or rezorver which is built into the servo motor position data and transmits the speed to the control unit. After that, the control unit does not cease to commuteMaintenance of the engine, while analyzing the information that comes from the feedback and its system.

Move when working with microstepping done discrete. Inadmissible in something which systems can be motor steps that are imperceptible to the human eye. Feedback, which is installed in the engine can easily be able tost resolution of more than a million per revolution, while providing the movement.

Speed ??

The torque is reduced significantly if the rate is large, on the stepper motors used only at low speeds. Adversely affects the accuracy of high speed, since the engine can losesteps. This disadvantage makes it impossible to use devices in engines that have a large value of the velocity and acceleration during high loads. High drive gears which are installed, in general, can be successfully replaced by a stepper motor. A good solution is to use the engine equipment, toThoroe does not require high speed.

The servo motor can run at speeds up to several thousand times per second, that is, with great acceleration. Stepper motor in such situations out of steam, as opposed to the servo motor, which keeps torque at the desired level. At the same time there is the downside: outstanding abilityengine directly affect the price of the servo system. The signals coming from the feedback system control unit receives, he must control the engine by means of incoming information before this process several million signals. The extremely high cost of the control unit and the feedback system, which are integrated in the servomotor. Aboutthe teaching staff for robots with the engine also has its price. There is a large list of parameters and conditions that may affect the robot servo motor. Dynamics, precision, smoothness - all we can lose if you do not consider this list of Buda. The stepper motor during operation is less nuanced, that is to work with him, even a layman can.


  • According to the pricing policy is much more expensive servo stepper motor;
  • The servomotor is difficult to use a stepper motor requires trained personnel;
  • The performance stepper motor controller, etc.and replacement parts for parts from other manufacturers remained at the same level. In contrast to the servo motor, which remains in operation, but the operational capacity is significantly reduced. Typically, manufacturers of servo motors   also design and control device for them.

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