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Exotic and identity have always attracted attention, which is reflected in the takeover kaFIR or habits, traditions, as well as interior design, later formed into well-defined styles and trends. One notable example is the so-called African style in the interior, just do not leave indifferent because of its color and the special atmosphere of luxury, ease and practicality simultaneously.
TodayI have a special trend is the design of the entire apartment in this unusual, but such a romantic, warm style, as if soaked adventures, memories of travels, emotions safari, sunlight and ancient original culture. And the basis of this very identity lies in the special relationship to nature the desire to be united with her. So arrazom a kind ekostilya, considered in the light of practicality and contrasting color.
In contrast, for example, Japanese minimalism, the African flavor is the concentration of a plurality of traditions and cultures, and because the interior is characterized by saturation – colors, textures, decorative objects, furniture. However, Africansky interior harmoniously balanced easily, which give style mainly natural materials (wood, stone, clay, skins, mats), simplicity and ease of the walls and floor, as well as a high degree of usability of the interior and furniture in general, with some bordering on child spontaneity and fantasy.

CvetoVai palette

So the characteristic color palette -   is pure natural colors: blue sky, sunshine, brown-red wood, sand, fresh and sun-bleached grass, and, of course, animal skins and color patterns on ritual masks and figurines. Steel finishing and decoration used in minesimumu, however, as the glass. Excluding the use of brilliant chrome parts, it is better to replace bronze or cast iron.

Wall Decoration

So as wall decoration suitable light rough plaster or wallpaper with a pronounced texture. Original and colorful look willstone and brick. As for the flooring, the African style is just as practical, how much and eco-friendly and natural. So for premises perfect simple flooring with wax-oiled. Laying wood flooring is made   a simple way to deck. As a suitable wood species can be selected veinsn, mahogany or cherry or oak tinted.

Finish the floor

A characteristic feature of the floor in the African interior is a dark rich color, gives off heat like a hot African sunset. Today, the necessary range of colors can be in the collections of many manufacturersHolding hands « on the pulse » modern trends in decoration and practicality. This Tarkett, Karelia, Polarwood, Barlinek, Parador, Quick-Step and others. And it's true, dark & ??laquo; African » the floor is very practical, versatile and comfortable. Thus, combined with milk or light sand-colored walls, he is able to fill the room soeplom and comfort. In addition, this floor covering is not so noticeable dirt.

To finish the floor in the bathroom or kitchen fit natural stone (not marble) or all of the same board, but with enhanced moisture resistant properties – the so-called deck or decking. Excellent will look on the walls and floor of the nuturalnye skins or imitation, rough textiles, rugs, wool carpets, contrasting with the color of wood flooring.

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