Natural stone


The development of modern science and technology has made possible new methods and ways in interior and exterior spaces. Primation of modern mixtures, solutions, paints, varnishes, plasters allows you to recreate an arbitrarily complex and curved surfaces, shapes. But, as is often the case, with all the new and gradually get tired sooner or later, directs his attention towards more traditional, natural materials. One of the most ancient, but always popular, withtroitelnyh and cladding materials on the planet has been and remains a natural stone. Detailed about natural stone tells us Semenov RT - an employee of the manufacturer of stone "Alma Stone":. The material, which is one of the most versatile materials in the world. It can be found almost everywhere: walls, pavers mcore, bulky stones in the middle of the park (landscaping). That is, it can simultaneously execute both its direct properties (structural element construction), as well as decorative. Furthermore, all kinds of natural stone, which, anyway, may be used as construction are environmentally friendly material (from alichii from various plasters, fillers, etc.). Top-selling of all kinds of stone in the construction and design are marble and granite. They are equally successfully used for internal arrangement and production of external design elements. An example of the internal components can serve as marble countertops, sinks, window sills, pavedfloor. No less rich and the external component is provided in the form of colonnades, marble or granite steps lined with stone stove glossy facades, balusters, paving sidewalks, and much more.

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