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In today's society as it is accepted to allocate two superpowersopponents - the United States and Russia (as the successor of the Soviet Union). Since the middle of last century between them consistently fighting for the world championship almost all "fronts", from the scientific to the military sectors. Meanwhile, on the world stage as something not very much there is another significant player - China. And if we analyze the volume of productionand that the daily care of the Republic of China for export, it can be safely recognized leader. The phrase "made in China" in the domestic markets on most products. This is explained by the relative cheapness of production, thereby importing replace them in the market domestic goods. No exception here and automotive reflectionsl. Chinese corporations Geely, Chery gained the market of budget cars. But it's cars, which are unsuitable for solving large transport and industrial problems. This market niche is occupied by one of China's leading Automobile Company - FOTON. The list of their products tractors and attachments, forkliftand, tillers, trailers, medium and light commercial vehicles. According to its mission, is a specialized technique that consists of a large number of complex elements, parts, engines. Accordingly, a rather wide range of spare parts, which can be divided into the following subject groups: parts and engine parts, bridgesand transmission components, pneumatic and hydraulic makeweight, body parts, transmission, electronic equipment, and so on. d. If you need. In addition to the official dealer networks, machinery and spare parts are also offered by private entrepreneurs, which greatly simplifies and accelerates the repair and return to operation of your fleet.

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