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Driving on the road - this is one of the most exciting ways to obtain the necessary dose of adrenaline ontlichnyh ways of active pastime. The more fascinating it becomes this occupation, when the role of the steel horse on which you overcome all the ravines and gullies, acts ATV. This is a hybrid motorcycle and an SUV is a very unpredictable and requires a certain percentage of skill in managing and understanding the situation. From NASCOlko quality will be your ATV in technical terms, from its technical capabilities depend possible terms of your actions on virgin territory. Some of the most interesting, both technically and in terms of the design units in the Russian market is a Taiwanese corporation CECTEK. She (the company) is one the biggest on the island andvtomobilestroitelny conglomerate YL Group, being a child of the formation of its subdivisions SMS and EUFOR. As a car manufacturer originally European and Japanese brands in the Asian market, as well as spare parts, YL Group, seems just could not ignore the actively growing social demand for extreme forms of disputethat directly and one of them - a ride on the ATV. To date, the market is represented by four models:

  • Cectek Gladiator T6. The flagship model line, which has on board an efficient engine, high stability, works fine suspension complete with tires Ken sverhprohodimymida, winch;
  • Cectek Kingcobra T6. Combines aggressive styling and technical advantages of the series T6;
  • Cectek Quadrift T6. Characterized by a more "urban" low-slung, inflated sides, low center of gravity;
  • Cectek Estoc T6. Model forOtori adapted for driving on paved, yet does not leave you in the ravine and on the roads.

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