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republican form of government, republic

Modern man accustomed to use the benefits of civilization and nature, freely engage in all kinds of social relations and generally behave as he wishes, republican form of government, republicof course, if his actions do not conflict with existing legislation. But few of us have thought about the fact that this freedom and diversity of actions namely is provided by the republican form of government, suffered by the peoples of Europe in the late XVIII century. Despite the fact that some beginnings of the republic can be seen in ancient Greece, yet familiar to us republican elements, such as the separation of power or free elections, have formed on the wave of the bourgeois revolutions, among which particularly notable is The Great French in 1789.
republican form of government, republicClassic components of the republic include the presence of popular sovereignty, turnover of the higher government through the electoral system and the functioning of internationally recognized rigid system of human rights protection. However, the biggest, so to say, not a legal value of the republic still is the awareness of man's place in this world, his responsibility before his family and homeland. Exactly this inner freedom to be the bearer of your own name, and have opportunities to express verbally and practically your own position for any reason - republican form of government, republicis the greatest achievement of the bourgeois revolutions, whose ideologist suffered their republicanism, through compromises and mass terror. Such historical premise has led to the fact, that today the vast majority of modern states have a republican form of government. Even in countries republican form of government, republicwhere  monarchy is enshrined as a  form of government formally by the constitution or other laws of a higher order, there are republican mechanisms of social organization, and the definition "non-free" sounds like an oxymoron to the Dane, Swede, Norwegian, Belgian.
In addition to the subjective and the legal advantages republican form of government, republicof the Republic we can't to note its enormous impact on the global progress, which today gives us the opportunity to use high-tech products in the range from mobile phones to jet aircraft. The appearance of these devices or appliances can hardly be expected if the monarchy remained in its strong positions. Namely freedom of thought and action laid as a fundamental concept to suchrepublican form of government, republic form of government as a republic, has contributed to the appearance of highly useful for human inventions, which are not only designed to provide him with a comfortable and funny staying in this world, how they create the necessary conditions for the normal life of a separate species. republican form of government, republicAnd if now we will carry out the experiment, returning for a few years total monarchy with its autocracy, strict administrative control and loyalty mindset, then with a high probability we will be able to observe stupor of technical progress, technological collapse, which will force us to admit the modern devices, all these iPhones, tablets, household equipment, and much morerepublican form of government, republic the crown of human thought. Of course, it is possible to predict further functioning of clandestine laboratories, where scientists will be working, motivated by their irrepressible human nature. Maybe they will invent something new, but this is something new in any way will not be publicly available, so to speak, will not get on counters of shops, considering conservative style of the monarchy.
republican form of government, republicToday we can in every way with the last words blame the democracy, which also should be attributed to the merits of the Republic. Democracy, as one prominent politician said, is not the best form of organization of people, but better for today is not invented. And certainly such super liberal actions, as gay parades or gay marriage, which are practiced in the countries of republican form of government, republicWestern Europe and in some North American states don't add bonuses to democracy. However, in Monarchy, especially in its absolute manifestation, would not only listed above social events, but all of what we accustomed to use in the " Republican" world. Are any of you, reading this lines ready to abandon the Internet, free sex, night discos and the opportunity to express publicly your opinion? I'm not.

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