Is a great design crucial for startups?

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First, let's analyzemeaning of the phrase "graphic design". Accessibility, visibility, the innovative design and updating site content, it can improve attendance. It's vital functions, intended to help you create a great graphic design. First impressions can attract or scare away customers, som, you must plan your moves carefully.
We all remember those good old days, when a developer startup can simply create a personal logo and place it in the middle of the web page. Now everything is different and launching a startup requires attention, time, money and advertising. Graphic design is no longer involves the creation of attractivenesstion of the logo. Instead, you have to make a perfect web site that should be simple and at the same time catchy enough to attract the attention of visitors and turn them into loyal customers. When an attractive website design, we do not feel the need to look for a new site with better graphics. We already have what we want. Is Thisexactly what you have to offer to its clients: an incredible feeling is directed to ensure that they return again and again.

Know your customers

If you are thinking to create a new business you have to start analyzing your target market. Who will be your customers and what they nuzhbut? These are two of the most important issues. If you can answer them, you will be able to design the popular startup. Focus on what you have and use all its resources to create a group of fans. This will give you a good start.

Research, research, research!

It is important to do some market research before you start anything. You will also need to decide how you want to follow trends with your graphic design. People will not spend time on your web page, trying to find what they want to. You can attract their attention bold logo, but if you do not have enough contentand they immediately leave the page. Do your research, find what they want and offer them exactly that you make sure that they will come back to you yet.

Design differently

Speaking from 1500 developers startups, entrepreneurs and predprinimatelyamipokazal that 80% of anyx understand that logos, promotional materials, web sites, and other tools of branding are vital to their success. Only 3% think that it does not matter.

Patrick Llewellyn, CEO of Apple, said that Apple was one of the first companies to recognize the importance of graphic design. Headds that the corporation has proved that simplicity and elegance can lead to success. He served as an example for millions of other companies followed suit and Stavan prosperous. Llewellyn argues that clean and elegant startup tend to be more successful. He noted Instagram as an example, a classic oldtap with a good design that has become popular in a relatively short period of time.

In addition, the survey said that 67% of participants believe that graphic design will become even more important in the future. Llewellyn explains that this happens because small businesses have begun to realize the importance of flawlessOn design. Most things in business is currently focused on the design, regardless of social media or traditional advertising.

Do you ever occur to you that your graphic design needs to be improved? It has been found that people tend to associate blue with HTC success. Green and Liubimy color, then white, black and red. Men do not like purple, and women do not like orange.

The survey showed that developers startapovi entrepreneurs understand the importance of graphic design, most of them are not ready to invest in this area. 65% of people surveyed would pay maximum of $ 500 to improve your logo, 20% will be paid $ 100, and only 15% of participants said they would be willing to spend more than $ 1,000. The study showed that men prefer to redesign your company's logo on their own, 21% of the participants turn to freelancers and 18% would have ordered a logo on specialized sites. Tolkabout 7% of them would be willing to hire a professional agency to work.

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