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Doing capital, mnogiie immediately ask themselves: « And what furniture now I will use? & raquo ;. After all, the question of renovation Interior – quite serious, and solutions can be here very much. Modern design flow offers a return to the classic style, and here you will greatly help old grandmother buffet. Classic sideboard in modernm interior suggests deference to the traditions of the owners, their taste and social status. Known furniture factories often include the product in its main collection. How did the fashion for the design of one of the most popular attributes of the dining room?

Today snack often used as decorationativnost complement the interior of the room. On the other hand, the designers include this piece of furniture in the home environment because of its practicality. Behind glass doors look excellent collection of domestic porcelain and crystal, in open niches can be conveniently placed bar or jars with cereals, in drawers - cutlery, and inside the cupboardfor deaf doors - plates, tablecloths and napkins. Only one cabinet can accommodate everything needed for the table, and while many of us associate it with something homemade, cozy and attractive.

Excursion in retro

Buffet in the usual form of a final shape at the end of the XVII century inFrance. Perhaps that is why it is often used in the regeneration of the dining room or living room in the style of Provence. This product is a two-tier structure: a closed upper and lower shelves of stored food and cooking utensils. The presence of transparent wings was optional - they symbolized respectability and securitythe owner, so the glass exhibited vases, figurines and other decorative elements.
Between the two tiers is an open niche. In all countries used it in different ways: for example, the French settled in at her wine collection, the Germans placed home collection of beer steins, and the Russians put the samovar and tea service.

For a long time the buffet was considered an accessory luxury dining aristocracy and only in the XX century it « settled » in the kitchens of the common people. In order to save a small living space and consumables craftsmen began to produce compact low products, which later transformed into dining rooms dressers. Buffet is equipped with a chest of drawersAli multiple drawers for instruments and closed shelves.

The upper part of the body, which in the traditional coffee shops was an open gap between the tiers could be used as an additional surface for storing utensils or as a complete work surface. Today is the product Pyshno decorate and actively used in the regeneration of not only food, but also living in a classic style.

In absolute harmony

Usually buffets are part of the dining group, expanding the range of furniture for storing cutlery. The items described in the domestic market are different Gabaritami, the ratio of the deaf and glazed parts, the presence and design of cornices, decorative items, skirting or supporting legs, drawers, panels, and the nature of surface finishing. All this has a direct impact on the cost of furniture.

The retention rules

In the glazed part of the buffet made to store a hundredoctylphenyl and tea sets: beautiful plates, elegant salad bowls, cups, slivochnitsy, candy display the taste preferences of the home owner and become additional decorations dining room. If the upper tier is no closed shelves, then it is better to place the jars with cereals, tea, pasta, and dishes for the deaf hide Articlecoos the bottom of the product, protecting it from dust.
tablecloths napkins also agreed stored in closed sections, and devices - in drawers. If you put a snack in the kitchen, remember that food must be separate from table linen to the latter does not absorb odors.
Also textiles will not be stale if IUforward tablecloths and hide aromatic products - scented soap, dry perfume pouch with dried flowers. For storage of alcoholic beverages furniture manufacturers often provide design sideboard small wine collection - horizontal shelves with slots for the bottle. Often this product bokaloderzhatelyami completed. But if your productis not equipped with a minibar, the fragile glasses, cups, glasses better to put on the top shelf showcases.
In addition to standard elements, many manufacturers are willing to offer and the possibility of manufacturing customized products in a non-standard size or with a unique equipment. For lovers of baroque, classical and Art Nouveau release ofDelia with rich decor, which are capable of harmoniously continue the specified style. And if you put a piece of furniture in a luxurious modern minimalist space, it will dilute the austerity of the situation and will be a bright contrasting detail.
Buffet is appropriate in almost all national styles, can make an exception unless absolutely Exoticof sul direction, for example, the Japanese or African ethnic. To make furniture more colorful, its surface covered with stains, represents a unique texture of wood, decorated with carving, inlay, hand-painted.
French Provence, American country, rustic and Shabby chic is transmitted in urban dwellings measured rustic atmosphereoh life. In the style of Provence dining and kitchen cupboards used with light pastel trim. They are usually equipped with a large number of small parts (hooks, holders, stands for bottles, drying for ware), the surface of the facade artificially sostarivayut.
Many factories, thinking up new collection, moving away from the traditional viewthe design of the cupboard and create a product that can complement a discreet, modern interior. Increasingly, the usual attribute dining replace his immediate family - sideboard, showcase bar. And I must admit that the design differences between these types of furniture are erased due to their similar functionality. So often a piece of furniture, towh ich manufacturer positioned as a buffet, only vaguely reminiscent of the usual model for us.

The rebirth buffet

Often stylists, furnished dining room, do not prefer products with innovative design, and an old cupboard, which is still preserved in some families. Second life PiecesEtam interior give companies specializing in the restoration of antique furniture. Today there are many technologies to recover « grandmother » buffets former attraction: replace worn rusty fittings, strengthen the frame surface pereoblitsovyvayut veneer, tinting and protect special varnishes.
The best craftsmen are able to not only qualitatively repair, but additionally to decorate it. Thus, Soviet-style furniture, has a simple design, you can decorate the inlay, painting, carving. If you had inherited an elegant buffet with a variety of decorative elements, it is necessary beforehand to check with an expertand whether he can cope with such a challenge.

prolongs the life of antiques

Sometimes appeal to experienced restorers enough to antique furniture for a long time please owners of its kind. Improper use can ruin even the new product. Buffets natural weightSiwa is not recommended to place in the kitchen, because there is created an unfavorable climate. Antique furniture is better to put in the dining room, where the temperature range does not exceed 20-23 ° C.

The acceptable level of humidity should be between 50-65%, but, unfortunately, in modern homes to achieve it is not thea really simple: during the heating season, the air becomes dry to 10-20%, and in the off-season - on the contrary, too wet. Such conditions adversely affect both the furniture material, and on its adhesive compound. Regular airing, improved ventilation, the use of humidifiers - all this helps extend the life of subjects obstanovki.

Make sure that the buffet was at least 50 cm away from the heater. Artificial heated air dries the wood and cracks therein. Similarly, the material and affect the solar rays, in addition, they contribute to fading refinishing. Dust offwith the surface of products recommend a soft flannel cloth using detergents with a neutral pH. Moving the buffet, it is necessary to lift off the ground, since the friction leave scratches on the floor covering and can deform the furniture legs.
Refurbished models are popular in various furniture exhibitions, and mores of them are now collector's value. The everlasting interior elements are returned to the arsenal of designers. After properly repaired furniture is able to serve for many years to generations of owners.

Buffets from antique shops attract attention and become the most expressivenym element of decoration of the room. In classic interiors they bring the spirit of aristocracy and luxury, but in the modern home environment - exquisite traditional forms and warmth. Place the product inside a beautiful table set, put on some textile napkins porcelain figurines or vase with flowers - and a subject for potsx accessories will turn into the most fashionable part dining room or kitchen.

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