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Electronic insurance policy becomes more available,in particular by the Ministry of Finance, after making them the bill, which is designed to adjust the mechanism of electronic sales of insurance policies. This allows insurance companies to use an electronic signature in the sale of insurance policies via the Internet, using electronic selling system.

At the same time introducedsome significant limitations. In electronic form made out of insurance that are not   require any inspection.   Completely ruled out selling paperless MTPL policies, as the traffic police, which   check policies from car owners who do not have permanent access to AIS compulsory insurance. Moreover,to avoid abuse - are prohibited by law to enter into contracts in electronic form insurance agents and brokers.

Russian insurance market

Russian insurance companies are answered by an order for a policy online, with further his design on the computer and printed oncompany letterhead. Then   policy delivered by courier to the customer. Insurance payments over the Internet profitable customers because they save time and money, besides insurers offer discounts with this method of payment, as they themselves are saving for that became unnecessary intermediaries.

The project of the Ministry of Finansov very important and timely for the Russian insurance market. It supports consumers of insurance services and promotes the growth of demand for insurance services, increases customer confidence in electronic methods of sales and contributes to the development of the insurance market.

The essence of the law on electronic insurance policies

The Law « On electronic signature & raquo ;, which aims to ensure the legitimacy of legal   contracts concluded electronically using the Internet, said that the use of an electronic signature that is created by a code or password, recognized equivalent document on paper in thosex cases that are permitted by Russian law.

In general, the Ministry of Finance bill essentially allows the use of electronic signatures on the basis of the already established framework. This is a very important and necessary, and it is hoped that soon there will be changes in the federal laws on compulsoryinsurance, which will enter into contracts of compulsory insurance in electronic form. Innovation and demand will bring undoubted benefit in   providing e-government services, not only in the insurance industry ...

Almost 70% of the contracts concluded on the Internet - health policies to insureNotices traveling abroad. Most   policyholders who use the services of insurance on the Internet, people under 40 years old, living in Moscow, Moscow and other Russian cities.

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