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Laminate rightfully earned the strong popularity. This flooring is notContested dignity and even advantages over other types of finishing materials for the floor, even the expensive coating of wood. Laminate affordable, durable, wear-resistant, virtually no fastidious care, has a high aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, and perhaps the widest range. ThisRealistic simulation of textures and shades of natural materials (the most popular type are of wood decor, natural stone, ceramic tiles), and completely original designs and patterns. However, there is quite a logical question – but what should be done, whether you want to stick to some specific rules tos not compromise the integrity of the picture and the attractiveness of the flooring?

Terms of laying laminate with a pattern

Of course, these rules are there, but the respect of some simple nuances will ensure success. So common and basic requirements for laying laminate, regardless of its color, is greatrect preparation of the ground, providing a flat, smooth, clean and dry surface. The coating should go smoothly, with no joints should be visible, which affects the appearance of the coating, especially with a complex pattern.

As a rule, the board laminate « wood » stacked in no particular selection of a drawing. Thereinadvantage of this feature of the original laminate. But a little trickier issue « interfacing » figure, if, for example, is designed as a laminate decor « Tile & raquo ;. In this case, of course, you must take care when laying on « hit » in the figure (the grooves). From this it should be used in the selection of the Criminal Codedebugging of entire modules and circumcision (near walls and obstacles). However, not all that difficult, because the designers develop laminate decors with the possible features of styling, but because each module (board) is one « large plate » with the « groove-junction » bution along the contour or a number of « tiles & raquo ;. That is « trimmings » Figure in each laminate boards not unlike, for example, wallpaper, which greatly simplifies the task.

Flooring with abstract paintings, ornaments, patterns

There is also a floor with various abstract patterns, ornaments, patterns. However,As a rule, the high price of a laminate with such a complex original decor speaks volumes - a laminate, mainly produced « custom » within the parameters of the room and installation method (as is known, the laminate can be laid lengthwise, crosswise or diagonally). The same laminated cover with an unusual pattern that inpodyat a standard collection, available in retail stores, characterized by repeating certain rapport. In this case, the problem consists in counting the number of « a » repeats and determining their location (sketch room floor on a scale greatly simplifies the task).

Stock up on waste

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that, depending on the chosen method of laying laminate with a picture is necessary to take a different margin for waste. So by the number of « trimmings » leading diagonal placement method in which the material in the purchase requires more up to 30% . Most « economical » is laying laminatm in the direction of the incident light from a window, usually the longitudinal method. Laminate modules square shape with decoration under the tile or stone, in principle « anyway » which method you prefer styling – a longitudinal or transverse, diagonal but still be more waste.

If you have doubtsINDICATES in, and whether you can successfully handle your own, you can always turn to a professional masters, which can be especially recommended when laying laminate with a complex pattern.

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