Types of linoleum: residential, commercial, semi-commercial

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If a replacement floordecided to cover the buy linoleum , you must examine some of the information to put into the purchase money were actually spent. Linoleum is divided into types depending on the purpose. Properties and technological characteristics determine the presence of three major types: home, semi-commercial and commercial linoleum.

Household linoleum

The living quarters, where the load on the floor is not so high, do not require a floor covering any special qualities. Manufacturing technology of residential linoleum is quite simple, has a low cost. For premises 2-4mm thickness with a protective layer of 0.15-0.3 mmcomplete sufficient for long service life. A thin layer of glass, a part of the domestic linoleum greatly increases its strength. On both sides of fiberglass covers foamed PVC. Decorative pattern is under the clear protective layer that protects the fabric from abrasion. Since household linoleum is dA residential premises, its composition does not contain any harmful substances. He is easy to clean and does not require special care kakogo- it. Long life, easy maintenance and a variety of design make this kind of coverage popular among consumers.

Semi-commercial linoleum

This type of linoleum Prednamean for rooms with an average load on the floor surface. Its scope is much higher than the consumer. Its use is possible and in the apartments, where physical and chemical load on the surface of the floor is quite high - for example, in the kitchen and hallway. In general, semi-commercial linoleum for the floor in places where nemovements of people very rapidly: schools, shops, offices and similar establishments. Good abrasion resistance is achieved due to the greater density of the protective layer. Semi-commercial linoleum Shock-proof, does not fade in the sun and can tolerate exposure to household chemicals. Due to the improved performance that has this on it above domestic.


Flooring is used in places where regular floor load is very high. Large cross people in airports, hotels, shops, determines the need for a floor covering strength. From other types of linoleum is it different structure. Commercal linoleum is homogenous (ie, single layer) and heterogeneous (multilayer). In homogeneous species permeates the pattern coating layer, this coating provides the appearance of a good appearance at any degree of abrasion. The design of a three-layer heterogeneous linoleum. It consists of a substrate, and a transparent decorative surface MFX-coating. The protective layer of this type of coverage should not be less than 0.55 mm. Polyurethane substrate provides the ability to withstand exercise about 5 tons per square meter.
For commercial group includes all types of special linoleum. They are used in rooms with special operating conditions. The complex structure of sportsOn linoleum allows us to cover netravmoopasnym   during intense workouts.   This is achieved with a good grip shoes and high shock absorption. Security is a fundamental principle in the manufacture of transport linoleum. This coating meets the requirements of fire safety, has a non-slip surfaceand has a high environmental performance. Stage linoleum is made taking into account the need for noise reduction on the stage and different effects of reflection of light.

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