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is of several types: like select linoleum right for you?

PVC linoleum (PVC)

If you are faced with a question « as a select linoleum for office with high strength or medical institution? & raquo ;, answer to your question - homogenous PVC linoleum. Concept « homogenous » It means a single-layer coating with a pattern throughout the entire depth. This type of Linoleum a lot of advantages, such as wide range of colors and endless design possibilities, because several different color coatings can be combined as you like. Due to the upper ballPolyurethane protection on the floor, you can remove almost any stain, be it wine or iodine. For medical facilities important is the fact that homogenous linoleum has no seams - with a lack of bandwidth it is welded together by special welding wire. And where there are no joints, there is no moisture, dirt and bacteria. The problem with the baseboards can byt solved by simply make a homogeneous coating on the walls, while this method will leak floor is almost 100%. Also homogeneous linoleum does not support combustion, and do not ignited.

How to select linoleum Office

If homogeneous linoleumfor some reason did not come, for example, because of the color, and the question of « as a select Linoleum » It remains open, heterogeneous PVC covering exactly solve the problem of the choice of material for the floor. Heterogeneous linoleum is a multilayer PVC, which is ideal as a floor in the store andschool. This kind of Linoleum is not afraid of heels, roller truck buyers, different spots, because the top layer of pure PVC or polyurethane withstand the most extreme loads. Heterogeneous Linoleum is more difficult to manufacture, and has more of the design, and more than homogenous.

Bytovoy linoleum

How select linoleum, which is most often used in apartments and houses? Low heat, noise, ease of installation and cleaning - all this undeniable advantages of domestic Linoleum for a simple personovek. One of the major disadvantages is the instability of alkali and some types of stains, as well as the foundation, which in contact with moisture starts to rot. Household linoleum wear is not always as we would like, but then again confirms the principle of « price-performance & raquo ;. By the way, an unpleasant chemical smell only invested quite coverquickly disappears within one week, and the linoleum is soft and easy to bend, which provides easy transport.

Like the laminate, and the Linoleum There are several classes of different applications. For example, the classes with a 2 - that is, 21, 22 and23 are designed for use exclusively in residential areas.

How to select the most stable linoleum?

The most wear-resistant coating belong to the figures 41, 42, 43, 44 on the package. Such linoleum is designed for commercial premises with a large nakedmanual ultrasonic inspection, enter it in the home uneconomical. For the walk-through hallways will be more than enough 33 or 34 class.

How to select Ecological linoleum

When buying a cover would be superfluous to ask the seller to show hygienic Authority certificatesam, in fact need to take care not only about the attractive design of future sex, but also about its sustainability. You can own and find (or not find) on the package icon environmental compliance of the cover.

With the right selection of Linoleum to the type of premisesand proper care, it will last up to 50 years, so you have time to even bother. Therefore, linoleum - a great choice of flooring for the home and for commercial establishments!

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