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6 frames - the first Russian sketch show (review + video)

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6 frames — 1st in Russia sketch- show comedy character. Since 2005, the show began airing on REN TV and then called "Dear transfer", and since 2006 the show airs on the channel STS. 6 frames — this is not hellptatsiya and classic sketch show that in a grotesque form depicts the everyday life of ordinary Russians, and has no permanent character. Each issue of " 6 frames " includes about 30 sketches. Texts jokes creative writing group that most of the authors came from KVN, but the idea cantell everyone.

act e ry:

Zhigalkin Alexander Alexander Alexander Koruchekov

Andrei Lomakin Kaikov

Andrew Serditov Galina Danilova
David Drambyan

Darius Zakharchuk Dmitry Aross

Inga Oboldina Irina Medvedev

Xenia obscene Mikhail Kazakov)

Edward Radzyukevich Ruslan Shchedrin

Dorogov Sergey Danilov Ulyana
Fedor Dobronravov

The world of humor and smile with 6 frames

Benefitgiving talent, not only Actor s and directors, so deftly swept plots, such short life reprises we can look at ourselves, to enjoy his light recklessness, plunge into the world of humor and smile.

"When we can laughover their mistakes, we can fix it "- I think that the author does not need to specify, because in this essay, I do not really want to talk about another, as one of the best teams, dedicated to the great art - the art to amuse and amaze. in our world, everyone can offend, insult or humiliate anyone, cause tears and sadness, but give streetybku and joy, even if short-lived and fleeting, yet joy - not everyone can, and only on this show is one of the favorite show of our family.

Faith in the best, where stupidity - not a reason to be angry, but only to laugh and, most important of them, where there are no drugs, bribes, etc.restupnosti. A world where the evil - is a character on which and joke and laugh, but do not insult, but rather learn to smile and make more and more good. let this world and will be written by the hand of man, played, sincerity Actor s, let this world will only six frames ,but it will be in our hearts, giving a breath of positive, this smoke formalities and everyday life.

Do not look into the long trail departing rollers, originality actor s , talented beyond description, andgras mind on the plot, excellent improvisation on stage doing a show unique and do not forget and so similar to our lives. Not one of my friends and colleagues, not when there spoke about it the worse, even our beloved chief, often making fun of us, using some favorite reprise at Actor s .

All of the above can not talk about what a breath of positive, life is needed since all of our future, and this is our children, and including the present, without which we are not able to do .. .

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