Types of laying vinyl cover

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Among the variety offered in the market todaye building materials flooring deserves special attention outdoor vinyl, or vinyl tile, combining quality, reliability, practicality and low price. This type of flooring is different though not natural, but it has a presentable appearance and excellent operational performance.

the characteristictics vinyl flooring:

  • easy, so do not create undue stress on the floor and foundation;
  • hygiene and safety;
  • antistatic;
  • anti-slip coating;
  • strength;
  • wear resistance and durability;
  • resistance to UV-BThanks to a special processing technology in the production stage;
  • undemanding in care;
  • moisture;
  • ease of styling.

Laying vinyl coating

can be more than 40 years ago, but due to the narrow selection of colors and imperfections of production technology andstacking, not with special features, and therefore not widely popular. Today, among the huge range you can always choose the best option for all parameters vinyl tile floor. Namely choose the right strength class, blend flooring in different rooms, and especiallyth interior with a host of options for colors, textures and textures, including simulating a variety of natural materials, as well as to determine the desired stacking technology. This is important when choosing a vinyl tile adhesive based on special or ordinary traditional tiles, requiring the use of special polyurethaneovogo glue.

Vinyl tile adhesive based on

Each species has its own styling « for » and « & raquo ;, against on the basis of which one makes the most attractive choice for themselves. For example, self-adhesive vinyl tiles on the basis presupposes a special layer coated with a film. Immediately before laying tiles on a prepared base film carefully removed, tiles glued. For greater reliability immediately after gluing tiles need a good squeeze. This ensures reliable adhesion and eliminate bloating, displacement, deformation and so on. Self-adhesive tiles saves time and effort, but itthe cost will be slightly higher than vinyl tile on a regular basis.

Vinyl floors without self-adhesive base

Some people still prefer to vinyl flooring without self-adhesive base. However, in addition also need to purchase and polyurethane adhesive. They treated about 12 toc. meters of surface, which will be glued tiles. After about half an hour, required to glue a little « grab & raquo ;, you can start packing. After laying on the tile is not much traversed a rubber mallet or a special roller. According to some sources it is believed that this technology though laying morecomplex and lengthy, but more reliable.

However, there are also general rules and recommendations for installing vinyl tile, regardless of its type:

  • a couple of days before laying vinyl tiles must lie down and deal. To do this, it is rolled on the floor and left;
  • floor surface should be smooth, clean, dry and free of dust, traces of paint, oil and other contaminants;
  • maintains temperature is not cold 15 ° C;
  • a coat of primer;
  • tile laid on the center of the roomthe walls, the extra edge trimmed with a knife, joints and seams   closed metal plinths;
  • should be carefully monitored to ensure that the tiles fit together. This will allow the transfer and store visual beauty coverage, highlighting the style of the interior.

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