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Hello dear applicants. I LPVUT Alex. Many of you can describe interesting stories to tell incredible stories. Remember as a child we brag to your friends their exploits, their little embellishment. We were able to create the event of a banal adventure story in which we looked at the top of all that is happening.

Building a house

I remember the boys came home to build. Took an ax, a saw, a couple of nails, and went into the woods near his home. It was winter. As long as we climbed through snowdrifts, choosing the right wood, were already all wet. But we did not give up, we have carefully selected those trees that might be amiss in our buildings. After selecting the desired, we begansaw him in turn. Sawed long time, and what you can do ordinary chainsaw carving. About an hour we tried to knock him down. Then we realized that all this is useless and decided to find a smaller tree, but at that point we pretty exhausted and soaked through already. But we did not give up, looked out the sun and we still managed to knock down a few dErev. However, they were so small that the house of them is unlikely to happen, if only a tent. But that's only at that point we are pretty exhausted, and build something no longer have any desire. After that we went back home. But we do not despair, because now we know how much it's hard to build a house, so what's the ordinary and tentfor the construction requires no small effort, especially at such a young age, and at that point we were about 6 years. Years at the time we were not a lot, but even then we were ready and willing to exciting adventures, which later we proudly told the other children. And indeed in childhood had a lot of different cases of someWe are always pleased to talk.

Hear how flies fly

Here is another example. It was in the first grade class was our noisy and restless, and then the teacher says our whole class so stern voice: ” Sit so quiet that I could hear a fly & ldquo ;. But that's just it was winterand though it was warm in our school, but at that time there was no one not heroic flies. We all sat and listened, but the fly and have not seen. Realizing that the same teacher can hardly hear the buzzing of a fly, I raised my hand and told the teacher that in our class fly absent. This was followed by an immediate answer about teacherThat tomorrow I need to bring to class fly. After that, we all had fun.

Earn writing articles

So why not use that our ability to write, I would say for peaceful purposes. You can not make money on bad writing. About that, I described in detail on its website. It is even possible that suchamong you there are writers who in consequence of their work, because writing articles is a job, become famous and popular in the vast World Wide Web. Good luck in your endeavors.

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