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We live in the age of digital technology, mobile communication, Internet. In such circumstances, going to the library to gather material on a topic in itself looks archaic. Most of today collecting high-tech gadgets that allows you to build a level of communication to unprecedented heights. But, there are those for whom her search, buy and cradling one of the main goals in life.

the value of the book

Most of us from school history lessons may recall the assertion that people people who not know or remember its history has no future. As practice shows the last several decades, or even centuries, this is history repeatedly rewritten in favor of the current government.

So the only chance to learn something really important, not built on shirokoryadny hoax is the search for and purchase old, antique books. In addition to the information, extremely valuable is the opportunity to touch history, to feel her in his hands.

what determines the price of antiquities?

If to argue purely logically, an antique is an old book. But, from the point of view of experts, not every old book is an antique. And what do mean "old"? For example, you climbed into the attic to grandma's and all kinds of utensils found in the textbooks of, say, the middle or the beginning of the second half of the last century. They can definitely be called old, but not ancient. Under this definition are pre-revolutionary editions, and more accurate assessment dated not later than 1800-1850 years.

final cost such a book is affected by several key factors, which folded, you can get a full picture:

  • creation date. Than the older it is, the less likely the book "live" up to our time, and therefore more valuable it will be in the end;
  • the
  • the Volume of circulation. It uses the same principles as in the previous case, only the cost is higher when circulation is lower;
  • the
  • Method of production (manuscript, press, Church, pre-revolutionary printing, etc.);
  • the
  • Safety;
  • the
  • Authorship
  • the
  • Content.

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