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every year the steadily growing interest in the Chinese language. Although Chinese is the most difficult in terms of the perception of the language, a huge number of people choose it as the 2nd language at the institutes and in secondary schools, considering it as prospectively as English.

"the Main feature of Chinese is the meaning of words and correct sequence of sentences" - tells the employee of the language school VOCA : where can I sign up for in Moscow.


the Perception of the Chinese language: the Main difficulties

With the discovery of the parts of speech all the time in the Chinese language have difficulty. The structure of the Chinese language is completely different from the grammatical theory of the West, and the existing basis is rather formal. Therefore, using Chinese to practice to our fellow citizens it is very difficult to understand its structure, as a result, he has to find the invisible connections between the different Chinese word-forms. In addition, the Russian people also difficult to understand the order of words in some designs.

For example, the word should go immediately after the definition, which in turn can be very long, and directly in its formation are different. Initially, it is necessary to describe the cause or object, and only after that is the word itself. In the study of the Russian language is absolutely all the way - initially it is necessary to find the object and only after that to reveal what it is. From this we conclude that understanding of the phrase in the Chinese language is directly from her at the end.


the Meaning of words depends on the intonation

the Chinese language is a system of monosyllabic words that imply certain individual characters. Consonants and vowels are connected into a 1-well the band toned syllables of a certain design. In the Chinese language - 414 syllables, but when you consider tonal variations, all 1332. It is also utrustet the study of the language, since the pronunciation the meaning of the word depends neposredstvenno from intonation.

If you wish to learn the Chinese language under the force of each man, the main directly on behalf of during the study to apply the learned basis both in oral and writing practice.

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