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24.08.2017 in the House-Museum of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov was an evening devoted to the publication of the book the Diaries of the Russian Spaniard (it's a memoir of a famous film Director ?ngel guti?rrez). The publishing house of the Academy of Zhukovsky was published recording that was conducted by Gutierrez daily from the age of 16. By the way, you can directly on the official website of the publisher:

During the life in Russia ?ngel guti?rrez taught at GITIS and put forty performances on the best stages of Moscow. Viewers remember him for the films:

  • Mirror ;
  • Garnet bracelet ;
  • Simple a good person ;
  • salute Mary .

In the 70-ies of the Director was forced to return to Spain. After that, in Madrid he founded the only overseas theater. Chekhov (incidentally, the tourist guides called it the theatre with the soul of the Russian ). In the repertoire of the theatre included:

  1. Summerfolk (Gorky);
  2. Mozart and Salieri (Pushkin);
  3. the Living corpse (Tolstoy);
  4. Crime and punishment (Dostoevsky);
  5. Bride , the Cherry orchard , the Seagull , the house with the mezzanine and Uncle Vanya (Chekhov).

by the Way, Mr. Gutierrez not ainardi came to Russia with performances own theatre.

Russian Spanish Diaries are a chronicle of cinematic and theatrical life of the capital of Russia fifties and seventies of the 20th century. Angel Gutierrez recalls the legendary actors, Directors, poets and writers (Leonid Filatov, Anatoli Efros, Andrei Tarkovsky, Bulat Okudzhava, Vladimir Maksimov, Oleg Efremov, Alexander Galich), with whom he directly happen to be friends and to work.

the Director spoke about how it led to Lyubimov at the Taganka Vladimir Vysotsky: viewing Vladimir Vysotsky arrived at the couple with a guitar, read something, and asked if he could sing his own songs. And as soon as he sang them, Lyubimov once told to make the film in the theater . Then in the restaurant of the WTO Vysotsky was introduced to M. Vlady. Vysotsky was in love with Gutierrez remembered the night we met, adding that as well too, Volodya struck Marina Vlady own songs.

Now, thanks to Publishing house of the Academy of Zhukovsky, all those memories, history and stories, are now available to all.

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