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Women's health is quite fragile. Stress, wrong lifestyle, illness, pregnancy and childbirth lead to the fact that the muscle tone of the vagina is weakened, the woman harder to have an orgasm, the problem starts with the prolapse of the pelvic organs.

to Regain the confidence to become desirable to your partner and to increase the degree of sexuality in bed can special Ben WA balls .

What is the balls for vagina?

Some women have heard about Kegel exercises. Run them without any devices, just clenching and unclenching the right muscles. Long sessions do not always lead to the desired effect, while vaginal beads will provide results within a few workouts.

Rounded beads connected by special partition or thread, made from different materials. The best recognized metallic Ben WA balls. They are easy to slip, soft and cool surface additionally stimulates the nerve endings of the vagina.

the lighter the beads, the harder it is for a trainer to keep. Offset the center of gravity further enhances the effect. However, for the first exercises it is better to choose centered weighty Ben WA balls.

How to train intimate muscles?

  1. After buying the toy, wash it in water and blot dry. For the most smooth introduction use a moisturizing lubricant. Best suited gel water-based;
  2. In a prone position, enter the beads into the vagina and try to get up. The first time you can hold the trainer's hand. Exercise can seem daunting, but soon You will learn not only to walk, squat, along with the toy but also to move the balls within it;
  3. Regular training with vaginal balls strengthen the vaginal wall, ensure the tone intimate muscles and increase female sexuality. You will be able to squeeze a member of the orchestra as tight as You would like. Allowing the man to enjoy a bright orgasm, You will be his perfect lover;
  4. Ben WA balls an indispensable tool to future childbirth. Exercises will help to avoid tearing of the vagina and reduce the risk of falling of the pelvic organs in the future;
  5. Health and sexually active woman is a happy woman! In the eyes will be the envy of all friends.

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