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Today's society has become more open, you can now find mostyou are interested in and previously unavailable information. This also applies to methods of upbringing and education of children. On this subject, written numerous books and manuals, developed a variety of techniques. Among them, the former Soviet Union, especially in Russia, occupies a special place creativity Olga Uzorova. The teacher of elementary grades education Olga IS THE teacher with a capital letter, a practitioner with years of experience, understanding the essence of the problem in the bud. Obtained during this time the experience has allowed her to become very confident in the way the writer and theorist. To date, its assets of about seven hundred scientific and teaching aids for students and preschoolers. Some people believe that there are no stupid or incapable ofBuchan children - a must for every child to create the appropriate conditions. Most of which were written in collaboration with Elena Nefedova, are intended to help young children learn faster and more efficiently, reading, writing, and other calculations. Books are a special methodological idea (games, puzzles) to help smallSham learn the necessary skills razvinut their thinking, priobschat culture. Using the techniques described in the book, will help the most painlessly and effectively prepare the child for one of the key periods in his life - in school. In view of how intense was the life of modern society, it is necessary to assume that the training (even in primary school) becomes more complex, voluminous and very intense. Consequently, the more prepared for such conditions will have a child, the faster and more comfortable it adapts to the new conditions. It is in this book will help you Uzorova.

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