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The method of modern life is that he is not quiteplenty of time for active pastime. Lack of exercise leads to serious disturbances in the organism - a metabolic disorder and function of the musculoskeletal system. To prevent unwanted complications, you must give the body a regular physical activity, which in general is quite a difficult task in the present-day working conditionsTERM person. Excellent option is to use special simulators - combined (mechanical and electrical) equipment. The principle of operation of any of the simulator is to simulate and creating certain loads and conditions. Sports simulator for training of various systems of the body, preparing them for actionIa in more complex than the usual conditions. View simulators you can TrenMarket. In the direction of action, ie, the type of training, athletic trainers are divided into three main groups:

Aerobic or cardio

Exercises performed on these units, are bracing charactertrain and develop the cardiovascular system, increase vitality, burn calories (exercise bike, orbitrek, stepper, treadmill);

Strength Training

Group of devices that are used for training, strengthening and development of the musculoskeletal system. Differ in the orientation of the object, that is, useaniyu for general training or training specific muscle groups (fitness station, Leg Magic, a simulator for the press, to stretch, to train the hands or feet, etc.);

Technical Trainers

is used to improve coordination and coherence, techniques in challenging sporting disciplines(Skiing, rock climbing, rowing, etc.).

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