What are the styles of clothing


Modern society increasingly dependent on all sorts ofprejudices, such as appearance, approach to the formation of clothing, demeanor, and more. All these criteria can be defined as a style. Style of clothing to denote certain accents in choosing clothes that are dependent on well-defined criteria, such as age, occupation, social status, sexual Recog-ak personal views of human, national and religious backgrounds, individual anthropo-physiological parameters. This takes into account the texture, colors, design features, the presence of decorative decorating items and accessories. Because style — This phenomenon is quite varied and diversified, the classification and all itsspecies, it is quite a volume measure. More dntalno read style.

try, nevertheless, highlight some of the main types of clothing style, depending on certain criteria:

  • age criterion (children, adolescents, youth, adult, etc.);
  • forlovoy criterion (male, female, unisex);
  • professional criteria (business, special, sports, academic, bohemian);
  • national criteria (ethnic, country, safari, national costume).

In addition, it arguesano consider the style of clothing a person, given his personal opinion and taste. It largely depends on and is based on education nature and human environment. From this point of view, allocate such styles as glamor, military, trash, a casual, punk, New onion and other.

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