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Any production, ie the production of certain products of different natureprovides for the sale of its wholesale or retail user. This process (sales), however, will be effective only if the established system of search and content customer base. If you do not go into deep detail, this process is called Trade. It is part of the marketing of any enterprise and consists in the fact thatto convey to the target object necessary information, which is aimed at the formation of a stable interest in the object of advertising. Any advertising process is quite complex and voluminous work, especially if it needs to perform the maximum quality. Read more datalno advertising and it can be ordered.

Like any purposeful process, advertising performs very specific function:

  • creating public aware of the product;
  • the formation of brand image;
  • dissemination of information about the brand;
  • element to create beliefs and stimulation;
  • solidify your shopping experience.

In view of the diversity of production and applications, advertising is classified according to the following criteria:

  1. Purpose . In this case, there are three main types of advertising: commercial (obtaining economic profit), social (the popularization of socially useful products and activities), political (the struggle for the electorate);
  2. Location and method of distribution . According to this criterionadvertising can be ATL (so-called classic advertising - television, radio, print, internet) and BTL (mailing, cross advertising, on payment terminals, viruses, and other creeping line).

In view of the widespread introduction into society, advertising has the following fFunctions (roles):

  • Economic;
  • Social;
  • political;
  • psychological;
  • education;
  • cultural.

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