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The number of finishing materialsand compositions is increasing every year. Thus most of the coatings can be used even if no surface preparation carried out. But the paint used on the basis of unprepared can not. If they are applied to the wall on which the irregularities are present, tof defects will become even more noticeable. Then what is the main reason that it is used for finishing the paint? In order to get an accurate answer to this question, it is necessary to consider the basic parameters of the paint products. By the way, the properties of paint to be taken into account when choosingnd a particular composition.

Why do people choose to paint trim?

For some reason, most people, choosing between the suspension and paint, prefer the latter?

It is possible to identify a number of reasons:

  • Most of the coatings, which are used for ablitsovki reduces the usable area, which is not the paints;
  • Using the paint, you can implement various projects. Thus, the presence of a huge number of shades and colors allows you to choose exactly the option that you require;
  • The structure of paint enoughoften includes useful components that can be used, for example, to protect the surface from the negative effects of moisture, mold. In addition, it can use it to prevent rotting wood, as well as corrosion on metal;
  • And the most important advantage is that at any time in the coloredtion surface can be fixed or paste over its natural, artificial stone. Undoubtedly, you will need to take into account some things, working with a particular material.

Ingredients paint

The composition of the inks, which are presentedare currently on the market, includes several basic components.

  1. Media   (It makes it easy to apply paint, as well as contributing to its equitable distribution across the surface. At the end of the work, he begins to evaporate);
  2. connectionguides components (They are necessary in order to form a film and improve adhesion paint with the surface);
  3. Pigments (enable us to obtain one or another color).

Binding components and pigments

From that, in what ratio used binders and pigments depends on what exactly you will get at the end of work. If the percentage of pigments above, the paint will be dull. It should be noted that the producers in the production of paint may be operateds various fillers. For example, in the case of water-based formulations, in this case all components are represented in the form of fine particles. Once the surface is painted, the water starts to evaporate. The remaining particles begin to form a solid film.

organo compounds

On ryseparate it presented and organo compounds. These include alkyd and oil paint . To the negative sides of these colors is the fact that the layer which they form, with the passage of time begins to break down. In addition, they spread quite a strong smell in the periodpour point.

Paint water-based

Previously, consumers use only oil-based paints, since all other views while absent. At present, the situation has changed dramatically. Now for indoor use paint water based. Their composition does not include harmful substances, they hardly smelled. In addition, the period required for complete drying of the composition may be less than one hour. To layer is completely frozen, it takes about 12-13 hours. But with all its advantages have giventions paints have significant drawbacks. Thus, surface, painted such colors, fast enough soiled. While problems with further purification does not arise.

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