Laminate or linoleum it is better.

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Exhausted preparation for the repair person has the right tocompassion and support. The abundance of varieties of building materials   for repair and the constant question correct choice can tire very clever head. If you deal with the material to replace the floor and look for the most optimal price solution, then you need to consider two options: linoleum and laminate. The rest is either expensive or obsolete.

laminate or linoleum pros and cons

Some individuals with the word linoleum disgust frown and grumble something about « soviet style & raquo ;. We do not argue, linoleum in the house was once a sign of exclusivity and wealth. But somehow, he still holds the position of popularity, and in comparison with the Sovietthe product has undergone a change for the better. Laminate, of course, is at the height of fashion, but cool at the same time is naughty: the water it does not spill, dog claws trimmed. &Nbsp; Beautiful course, no one disputes.

What are all the same choose: laminate or linoleum?


Most likely the majority ofof us think that the linoleum - a cheap and low-quality flooring. But linoleum, it turns out, too, are different. Rather, what is made of synthetic materials, linoleum is not, it is PVC-coated. This linoleum is made from natural materials, and with him a little more fuss than synthetic. Is more expensive, does not itself lay meNIL, specialists are needed. Synthetic least flexible, and every six months to rub mastic do not need.


also does not require special care, vacuumed once a week with a damp cloth passed and all. The sun does not fade, wear-resistant, easy to rub any stains. And what to sayLaminate, though not 100% natural wood, but harmful chemicals in it, and thus for the health it is more secure. And not for nothing, I think, so many experts in the world are working to create a multi-layer laminate structure. &Nbsp; Strength he really amazing. Fiberboard strengthened bottom stubiliziruyuschim layer is applied on top of the decorative paper, protected by a special resin. And it is connected integrally to a high temperature and pressure. The upper resin film is so strong that it is very difficult to cause serious damage. Only water can not fill much wood will absorb moisture and swell.

Linoleum and water

But linoleum can be washed with water without any number of consequences. And even if he podmok, rot will not (and there is nothing there to rot, synthetics ...). &Nbsp; Spots, however, all is not well removed, acetone and solvents can not be used, spoiled cover. But, if handled carefully, then the spots will not.

The similarity laMinato and linoleum

What is laminate or linoleum similar, so it is a variety of colors. Artificial decorative layer provides the ability to create a variety of decors. Geometric and floral patterns, wood imitation, even the parquet and wood flooring, the choice for the most demanding taste. Wins laminate in linoleoylma on these indicators only by a solid appearance and high popularity associated with the fashion for this kind of sex.


Linoleum and laminate easily stacked. Roll roll coating on the floor, placing a maximum on the glue and nail the baseboard is not difficult. Harder to take this heavy roll linolacrazy home from the store. and get him to the house easier, it is sold in packs quite compact. Lay laminate floor a little harder than linoleum, but too much trouble is not.
We conclude: linoleum, laminate and are of good quality, durable and beautiful flooring. But what to choose, it's a matter of taste andpersonal preferences.

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