What is a profession of translator?


This is quite a creative profession, but at the same time, on theto not allow the interpreter to go beyond certain limits. What is and "professional proficiency" and he "foreign language"? What is a translator: ally, assistant or opponent? Language reflects a particular vision of the nation, it shows the mentality of a particular country, her, traditions, culture and even historical events. Language distinguishespeople from all creatures on our planet, which they do not own, so we have a huge advantage over them: people have a powerful weapon - the word that makes it possible to negotiate and express their thoughts.
It is believed that in international relations is dominated by six languages, a leader among them, without a doubt, there are Englishlanguage, which is carried by 400 million. pers. Another 300 million. Pers. are not native speakers, but use English as a means of business communication. And 1.5 billion. Nageia inhabitants of the planet use English as an additional language of communication in daily life and work. If we talk about the professional knowledge of the language, that ison this issue is quite thin. Work interpreter - quite creative, but at the same time it requires a person as perfect knowledge of the language and excellent command of the language, because very often the interpreter translates into completely different spheres: from instructionoperation of household appliances, before moving speech at the meeting of the judges. Translator is one of the most popular and prestigious professions, as well as far from simple, as complex text that contains a bunch of terms and concepts can only experienced.

Specializations translators:

  • to thoseit makes translations;
  • those who work with literary texts;
  • those who work with scientific texts;
  • those who work with journalistic texts;
  • those who work with technical texts;
  • those who do (simultaneous or sequential).

Profession of interpreter


  1. There is an opportunity to fulfill your potential in various fields of profession: interpretation (simultaneous interpreter, consecutive interpreting), pisalternating translator (translation of documents, magazines, books, texts, films);
  2. A man who speak foreign languages, always handy in: Travel agencies, journalism, management, pr-companies, politicians and others.;
  3. It is possible to study the culture of foreign countries and communicate with interesting people;
  4. oftenth on the professionalism of interpreter depends on a favorable outcome of the negotiations and other business.


  1. Unstable loading operation (the volume of transfers in different months can be a very different place);
  2. Oftentranslators receive a fee not after the date of the work, and when the customer will pay the order;
  3. It happens that a interpreter m are as human beings 2nd grade: they often accompany the delegation on bars and shops, and sometimes even the translators can be couriers.


Translators often work in a translation agency, but it is not the only place where they work. A professional translator can choose their any sphere of activity: to be turmenedzher (booking tours and tickets) to work in the media (collecting "custom" information from foreign websites) dolocalization sites (create versions of websites in foreign languages), accompanied by businessmen and politicians on their trips abroad.

Main activities:

  • Teaching;
  • conducting tours for foreigners;
  • Support of foreigners;
  • Help foreigners in accommodation and living expenses;
  • interpreters (translations at business meetings, negotiations, presentations);
  • (journalistic, technical, scientific or literary);
  • Making information and thematic reports, plans;
  • Support groups of tourists when traveling abroad;
  • The implementation of translations of foreign movies, radio and television programs.

Personal qualities

Set lary qualities of interpreter depends on what field of translation it works:

  • For simultaneous interpreter is very important to communicate, and this skill as a likely prognosis - is when a person is just starting to say something, and simultaneous interpreter already ponyMast, as will be discussed;
  • translator that accepts participating in business negotiations, to be a diplomat and in the case of confrontation between the parties can soften the tone of the negotiations;
  • And translators who do translations should be thoughtful, perseverance and mustbe able to ignore.


You can start a career as a full-time interpreter in any firm or a translation agency, then start translating art literature, and gradually move to the interpretation that is Aerobaticsit. In general career interpreter depends on the complexity of his tasks.

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