Cork flooring - a new trend in flooring

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Ecology, estestvennosbe, natural – This, perhaps, is the main trend of modern scientific and technological progress and the main priority of the modern consumer. For many years, goes out of style natural wood parquet, high interest in this alternative as flooring , which will be priced lower because of the peculiaritiesspines of its construction. However, a relatively new and, as experience shows, is quite promising direction is to use cork flooring suitable for laying in residential areas for different purposes (nurseries, bedrooms, living rooms, hallways, even the bathrooms, kitchen – yet it is not recommended due to requirementscare) and even in some areas for commercial purposes.

Manufacturers cork floor

It is made on the basis of cork, which, by the way, do not even have to file down, but only periodically collect the bark from it, it is possible to repeatedly over 150-200 years! Therefore, purchase and postelit cork floor – means to make a clear choice in favor of sustainability and respect for nature. Laying cork on the floor no more difficult than linoleum flooring and, in some cases, even easier, faster and more convenient (depending on the type – adhesive cork or « floating » as separate plates with grooves). Thus on cork the price is comparable to synthetic linoleum,.

The advantages of cork floor

The advantages of this type of flooring also include its high degree of hygiene, antiallergichnosti, bacteriostatic, excellent antistatic properties, wear resistancest, durability, chemical resistance, excellent noise protection capacity, low thermal conductivity, which can effectively support the necessary climate with minimal cost, slip resistance, light spring and warming effect, beneficial effects on the musculoskeletal system of human, natural high vlagostoykosbe, unique and, thus, are extremely varied appearance, allowing you to choose the perfect floor for every interior.

Disadvantages cork floor

Perhaps the only drawback of natural cork as a floor covering is its low resistance to solar UV radiation, but sufficientbut effectively solve this problem modern health security for protective coatings: lacquer or vinyl.

Care of cork flooring

With regard to care for cork does not absorb and does not accumulate dirt, does not react and does not absorb chemicals, is not conducive to reproductionbacteria. To floors again become perfectly clean, they are sufficient to vacuum and wipe with a well-wrung cloth. Wet cleaning with chemicals recommended no more than once a week, and only due to the nature of the surface of the protective coating. Not allowed processing metal brushes. To avoid tsaRapin on the surface, the legs of heavy furniture is also recommended to sheathe felt, and in the case of a vinyl coating to be careful when walking in shoes with rubber soles – in order to avoid stubborn stains.

Available cork floors

Today, you can buy cork pokrytie in a totally different colors and versions as a single color, and with all kinds of patterns. Fine coating of uniform thickness and structure amenable arrangement that opens up a host of additional features in interior design.
Cork flooring According to manufacturers today offerrtugalii, a recognized leader in the case of product quality (and not surprising, because the best « plug » it grows and is used there for hundreds of years), as well as Spain, Poland, China.

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