Care linoleum


Linoleum – spectacular and expensive flooring, characterized byeconomical and practical. It is the leading flooring used in homes and apartments, as well as in offices. Care linoleum assumes perfect its operation and, of course, regular cleaning.

We must not forget that this flooring, linoleum does not accept:

  • Hit blinding light, because it can spoil pattern;
  • Strong moisture to avoid mold and the mold;
  • large temperature jumps and a strong decrease in temperature, due to which the coating can crack and come into disrepair;
  • pointed object, for example, rather narrow foot of the bed or a sideboard, which need to be put under special lining;
  • Substances having in its composition pigments that make it difficult spot removing in contact with the surface of the linoleum;
  • Very hot objects.

Floor Cleaning

floor cleaning, as should be done daily. For it will need a vacuum cleaner, brush and wipes, which make it easy to deal with dust and dry dirt. For wet cleaning water should be used only warm, and wash the floor should be so in order to prevent excessive moisture.


welcomed the addition of a special agent for washing floors. Should not be used soda, products containing any solvents, as well as ammonia. Do not move on the wet floor, wait until it dries.

Mastic and polish

Then you can polish the surface of linoleum, applying the necessary paste or wax. Also enjoy the linseed oil or vegetable oil to give shine, followed by a walk with a dry cloth. Polishing is carried out on a clean dry floor, and then a certain time should refrain from moving on it.

Grease and Oil

If coating spilled oil or fat, you should immediately remove them to not stay dark indelible stains. Dampen a cloth with turpentine and wipe the place that has been soiled. But traces of rubber on the linoleum easily removed using the eraser or the use of children's fleece weightla.


Scratches can leave behind sharp heels, so it is advisable to protect the linoleum in the hallway rug. Many use carpeting in the other rooms, which also safeguard floor.

Replacement of damaged areas

But there is nothingeternal, and eventually linoleum can be damaged in some places. You can put the patch, following the pattern continued. Glue it on the damaged area to replace the damaged part of the cut. Sutures are treated with a special mastic of the same color as the linoleum, and then the patch is not visible.

unsystematic and poorlyoh care linoleum leads to its rapid deterioration, spoiling its appearance. The surface layer of linoleum can wear out due to the dry dirt and dust grain structure. Therefore it is good if the coating has an additional protective layer. To clean such linoleum can not use strong solvents. Care for the linoleum, and then he buchildren to serve you for a long time!

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