Why do we need a substrate for laminate and parquet board

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When buying laminate or wood flooring, A member of a specialized department will offer you several options substrates for the floor covering. The substrate – cushioning layer between the base and the top cover. The substrate can be of different types (polyethylene foam, foil, cork, composite materials – Tuplex), Tipoin (sheet, roll), but all have the main function of – protection coating. The substrate for laminate and parquet board will solve many problems that may be encountered during operation of the floor covering. Therefore, if you are satisfied with the selected or laminate flooring, the price of the substrate do not be afraid. Should not refuse toTo save on this essential component. Elimination of defects come to light over time can do much more impact on your family budget. When the laminate is carried out or « for floating & raquo ;, then you will need the support mandatory.

What is the substrate for laminate and parquet board?

Align base

To the floor does not bend, do not creak and longer served, a device uneven surface that is very problematic. The substrate is able to smooth out minor irregularities in the substrate (2 mm). Significant curvature of the base to remove the substrate will not work. More than one layer meanlyLCD plank at each other is not recommended, since increased load on the tool joints, which may contribute to damage them. Some manufacturers produce specialized substrate which better compensates defects.

Reduced shock and static load on the floor

to encloseka is a shock absorber to protect flooring from contact with the base and prevents the vibrations occurring when walking on the floor. Thus, the substrate provides the opportunity to significantly increase the service life of the floor covering.


Without the constant friction of the substrate base and outdoorof the coating will produce different sounds: the rustle, rattle, creak. Also, when walking on the floor and moving objects having different two kinds of sounds:

  • passing noise - hear his neighbors living on the floor below;
  • reflected sound - you can hear it when walking on the floor.

The material most substrates has a porous structure that provides   thermal and acoustic insulation. The thicker the substrate, the higher the quality of these.

Hydro and thermal insulation

Parquet and laminate board react to changes in temperature and humidity. For supportedAnia microclimate between the base and flooring needed cushioning layer.
In a concrete base moisture may be present, so you need to put it further polyethylene film, previously well dried screed.
Some manufacturers produce flooring damp-proofing of the substrate, but it is necessary PFitsialnoe permission is not used at the same polyethylene film.

The choice of substrates produced by modern industry, broad and diverse, and they have to cope with the   their tasks.

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