Wenge and laminate in the interior

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In spite of the diversity of all kinds of flooring options, timeless classicalCoy, and therefore always relevant, capable of creating a unique harmony with the interior of any style and color, is a tree. Excellent aesthetic properties, rich, yet soft natural color, texture, pattern – it's all about laminate e colors wenge , appropriate in any environment.
itself rare African wood tree wenge is very expensive, so the flooring from it are used primarily in expensive luxury interiors, both as a solid and reliable furniture and flooring and decorative veneer. TNevertheless, a fully transmitting the texture, pattern and wonderful noble dark color wenge , now everyone can.

Laminate color wenge has many advantages, among which are:
    ease of laying and connection reliability;
  • traditional for laminate and suitably chosen strength class high performance properties and characteristics;
  • easy care, which is expressedboth in the immediate intrinsic properties of laminate at as a whole, and in particular color, because the brown floor is not as noticeable stains, dust, debris, such as , too light, or vice versa, coal-black;
  • durability and abrasion resistance;
  • high aesthetic characteristics, luxurious and expensive form of the game thanks to a unique set of tones and shades in dark brown, sometimes bordering on black;
  • while price laminate , which can easily konkurirovats, and sometimes even exceed the characteristics of hardwood floors, is democratic, even if you select moisture or water resistant version of top-class strength.

Laminate color wenge in the interior

Thconcerns about the flooring in a virtually exclusive and versatile color at the same time, it is appropriate in residential and public buildings of any destination thanks to the unique combinatorial property with the whole range of natural, natural colors and shades and bright accents (as in color, and on ).
True Beat ininterior color wenge in the floor covering is able to create peace, a feeling of warmth, comfort and relaxation or, conversely, to stimulate activity, positive emotions, self-confidence.
Fully imitating life dear and noble wood, laminate wenge is perfect even for small rooms, even though the dark color. In combination with the walls in a light green, sky blue, sandy-yellow or pastel shades and light colored furniture, dark wood floors give a feeling of space and light. Massive furniture and vintage aleOptions in the interior is too spacious rooms with floor covering colors wenge will make the space more comfortable, give a sense of calm confident.
Dark laminate offers great opportunities for design solutions if you want to make NeboliChiyah premises functional and practical, Zoned them. Combine when laying laminate light soft warm colors and dark brown laminate . The price of such original cover in the end will be much lower than the stunning effect, you getin terms of comfort, style and originality.
In addition to the classics, fine texture as wood and dark brown suitable for interiors in a minimalist style, art deco, art nouveau.

So, wenge , embodied in such a versatile floor covering as laminate , is not just fashion trends, and fully justified and logical solution significantly approaching the main goal. The aim is also to improve the quality of life: improving comfort, safety, convenience, economy aesthetics.

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