What biologists think about GMOs?


Professors bioogy from Penn State Evan Pugh and Nina Fedorova believe that the time has come when humanity is simply obliged to use various tools in agriculture to solve food shortages in the world. To do this, most government establishedeniyam need to go to the relevant amendments to the existing legislation in this or that.

It is necessary for the purpose of food security of the population of the planet optimize their use of the natural resources of our planet, especially water, energy, soil nutrients. Optionallygo to learn how to combine several sectors of science for processing (processing, storage) resources. In particular it is necessary to learn to use a variety of wastewater ponds with fish in order to irrigate the fields in which crops are planted. It should also be taught to return the purified water in the reservoirs, and thus it is not necessaryavoid unnecessary saturation of groundwater   Some minerals, etc.

Due to the rapid growth of the world population, we have no choice but to learn how to grow crops on land that at first glance are not suitable for growing crops. In particular, on land thatfeeds seawater or wastewater. It is also worth to learn to breed new varieties of crops, which would be able to grow and produce crops in dry areas, we should also think about the domestication of plants that grow well in soils with high salt and high temperatures.

The purpose of the usetion of GMOs

Of course, these biologists believe that just need to win over the GMO (read), because they can be fast enough to get to the desired qualities listed above. But that's just all kinds of government restrictions meshquire them successfully grow and realize, as a result of inhibited all scientific progress.

They believe that because of such delays farmers have no choice among genetically modified crops, as millions of dollars, and most importantly, the go to check, approval, investigation of such moleculestur.

According to them, the use of GMOs by almost 10% reduction in the volume of use of insecticides (chemical compounds used to control pests). Also modified crops is less than the level of fungal toxins, making the plants more resistant to a variety of parasites capable of PWAdit outer shell of the plant, and in fact through such damage can get a variety of fungal education.

Nina Fedorova believes that the case of « golden rice » can be attributed simply to vandalism. This figure was obtained for longer than 10 years ago, the field passedTest and still can not go on sale, because still not formally resolved. Figure was obtained in order to produce beta-carotene (body it converts to vitamin A). A lack of vitamin A, mostly in developing countries leads to blindness and decreased immunity primarily in children.

Inconditions where freshwater supplies are reduced, the world's population is growing rapidly, the most important tasks is that it is necessary not only to preserve the existing biodiversity of the planet, but also to increase it. And yet, when most research proves the effectiveness of GMOs and minimum negative impacts on the health of people to runth and the environment, people continue to hold a negative attitude to GM crops, summarized the Nina Fedorova .

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