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Cleansing. Before the fire retardant treatment is necessary to remove dirt, dust, oil and bitumen different spots, old paint and other elements;

Humidity. At this point it is necessary to pay a lot of attention when processing will be carried out with the help of wood productsmeans of absorbing composition (and by other processing methods also can not forget about this item). Immediate humidity depends on the absorbency of rock and further drying of wood products.


Ready. Some initially are fully cooked. As an example, flame retardant « Pirilaks & raquo ;, which is immediately ready for use. In this case, the label will indicate « Ready to use » or other similarI inscription.

There are also compositions which must be diluted with water. This process is carried out before the fire-retardant treatment. To prepare the necessary concentration of flame retardant necessary capacity tank to create a solution. In the BPEmja process should follow the instructions provided on the label which is flame retardant.

Application of flame retardant:

Brushand roller

These tools are primarily used for the treatment of private buildings. In this case it is sufficient to use the flame retardant on the fire protection of the first group. When applied to a timber, the surfacewill be protected from the burning sparks.
Experience shows that flame retardant weight of 280 grams can be applied for 2-3 layers. Only pay attention to the fact that the layer should be implemented between drying for 1 hour, when the ambient temperature is within +20 ° C. If the temperature is more or lessysheskazannoy, time will change.


If you want to apply flame retardant over a large area, it is desirable to use a method of spraying. Of course, you will need ispolzovaof special equipment.
Flow flame retardant depends on the fire safety requirements. For example, if it is necessary to apply flame retardant attic is used primarily for fire protection second group.


Basically, this surface treatment method used by specialized companies. In this case, a special tank, which is pre-impregnated with a special Corrosive-resistant material.
The product is dipped into this ReserVoir at a certain time during which the flame retardant must be impregnated into the wood. The process time depends on the wood humidity and ambient temperature.

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