Reducing the rate of consumption of salt heals the body

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If you have any diseases such as cancer of the stomach, Osteoporosis, kidney failure, as well as a variety of cardiovascular disease and you do not know the cause of their occurrence, it is likely to blame for this common salt. Spanish Heart Foundation (Eng. FEC) recently said that if the lower daily intake of salt, then our body will get the same positive effect assmoking cessation.


For more than 10 years ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended that the maximum allowable limit of daily salt intake – 6 grams, less than twice the average index distributed worldwide (10-13 grams). About 80% of all saltsand we obtain products from different packaging, as well as processed foods.

Dr. Pilar Mazon

Dr. Pilar Mason, a member of the Society of Cardiology (ESC) in, a cardiologist from Santiago de Compostela reports: « these should now virtually noimosti add salt during cooking. Initially, our ancestors used salt for long-term conservation of food, especially in tropical areas. But thanks to modern food storage conditions this need virtually eliminated, except that now the salt used to flavor, especially acute blyudam & raquo ;.
Studies have confirmed that high salt intake contributes to the delay in the body fluid, develops high blood pressure, increases blood pressure. If you believe the WHO for 63% of strokes and 41 cardiovascular disease is hypertension is.

The New England Journalof Medicine

A recently published study in the popular magazine The New England Journal of Medicine, in which researchers conducted forecasting results to reduce daily salt intake by 3 grams. According to them, this will reduce the number of annual Cardiacof disease, and the total amount will be 60-120 thousand cases as regards stroke – 32-66 thousand, myocardial infarction – 54-99 thousand, and the number of deaths due to unknown reasons – 44-92 thousand   cases. Some nutritionists believe that if you eat less salt, you will become the same slim as.

But other than that it will affect the financial purse of the country as a result be able to save about 10-24 million dollars. Some countries are already aware of this positive effect, both for the population and for the country as a whole. In particular, in the 70s of the last century Finland has actively promoted among the populationhis country to reduce the daily rate of salt intake from 12 to 9 grams. This gave a very good result, as a result, the number of cases of heart disease and stroke crown has fallen by 75-80%, and the average life expectancy of residents in Finland increased by 6 years.

« necessary to achieveI reduce the daily intake of salt, and the problem must be addressed by all stakeholders. On the one hand, a resident of the country, which should go to such measures when it becomes less salt their food during its preparation, to the point to take away from the table hodgepodge or buy products with low content of salt, but it's ne means that these products are dietary. On the other hand, the food industry has to go on similar measures in the course of which will be reduced by the proportion of salt in food products manufactured by it, and on the labels of these products will be information about the content of salt to customers were informed about the amount of salt in buyingMykh foods. But as public institutions should take adequate measures to reduce the rate of salt intake nationals, held national campaigns to inform the public about the harmful effects of excessive salt consumption rates & raquo ;, summarized Dr. Pilar Mazon.

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