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The atmosphereand appearance of Astana say that Kazakhstan is looking to the future. Very young capital looks quite modern and bright. Extraordinary architecture using advanced design and technology, high-rise buildings, business centers, and ultra-modern display gushing energy and daring ambition of the city.

The center of Astana is decoratedene attractions such as the Palace of Peace and Accord and Baiterek that were created according to the project by Norman Foster (very famous modern architect). You can also visit a tour of the Presidential Palace "Ak Orda" and look at the whole of Kazakhstan "miniature" is possible in an ethno-memorial complex "Atameken" (an area of ??about 2 acresc). A great place for entertainment and recreation complex is "think". Here except: attractions, cinemas, cafes and shops there are also: Aquarium, home to more than 2,000 marine zhitiley, which was brought from razlnyh corners of the earth and the Museum of Miniatures. And for those who love sports should visit a modern stadium "Astana-Arena", which seats 30,000 spectators.

Also, be sure to visit the Circus (even those who are not a fan of circus arts should go there at least once). The building itself - a giant flying saucer, which is lit at night as well as UFOs. Circus itself is equipped with modern appliances, and circus arena is equipped with modern machinery for: ice show vypoying different rooms, flights, arena and others.

Nice and impressed by the simple walk in the center of Astana. Here the city is decorated with original fountains, decorative sculptures and installations in a modern style - all this gives Astana personality and a special charm.

As befits a modern capital city,Astana huge selection of cafes and restaurants, there are cinemas, museums, parks and theaters that will be of interest to tourists.

Local Attractions

Ak Orda

This Pezidentskaya residence, which was built 3 years, with the use moderne technology. In "Ak Orda" regularly tour, during these excursions you can see: Hall press conference, Winter Garden, central hall (1,800 sq. M.), A ceremonial hall and dr.pomescheniya.


"Map of Kazakhstan - Atameken" - is an ethno-memorial complCEN which is designed by famous designers and architects. Here, in an area of ??approximately 2 as a football field, you can see the whole of Kazakhstan "miniature".


Baiterek is a symbol of modern Astana. This monument is a symbol of submission of the Kazakhs of the universe. The tower consists of 3 basesthe universe: earth, underground and heavenly worlds. At a depth of 4.5 m you will find aquariums, cafes and mini-gallery.


When you want to walk on the sea bed, to feel all the media technology in the 3D-cinema experience the atmosphere of childhood, visit the Museum of Miniatures, then you should visit entertaintive center "Duman" which is located on the left bank of Astana.

The Palace of Peace and Harmony

This palace has created a well-known architect and a pioneer Norman Foster. It was built specifically to host the International Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions. The palace has a pyramidal shape - built Ave.incipit "Fibonacci Golden Ratio".

Hazrat Sultan Mosque

Mosque Hazrat Sultan is one of the most modern attractions of the capital of Kazakhstan. The mosque is similar to the oriental palace, construction of which was attended by more than 1.5 yew. masters and buildMDL, which together have created the most beautiful monuments of Astana.

The Museum of the 1st President of Kazakhstan

Museum has a very interesting exhibition. Here you will find souvenirs, furniture and furnishings, documents and personal belongings, as well as books of 1st president. There is also: graphic slaveThe notes, paintings and works of art that the first President of Kazakhstan gave the heads of other states.

National Park Korgalzhin

Is the largest nature reserve in Kazakhstan. This wonderful place is located 30 km south-west of the capital. National Park has an area of ??approximately 258.9 tysjachhectares, including 198 yew. ha water area (in its territory are 2-a huge lake – Korgalzhin and Tengiz.

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