What is an energy audit of buildings

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Purpose Through aeniya energy audit companies - definition of capacity and energy efficiency of the building, to obtain information about the amount of energy, the development councils to increase the acquired characteristics. - Is the work of employees of special centers that are members of the SRO in the industry. Objects of research: mnogokvartirnye and residential buildings, industrial facilities, public buildings. The purpose of the research - reduced costs, improved energy efficiency and energy savings.

Methods of energy audit

Time of the energy audit, turnaround time and the price determinedspecificity of the object, namely, its purpose and the area.

Energy audit of buildings can be divided into 3 steps:

• before the audit (preliminary energy audit)
• energy audit Level 1
• energy audits 2nd level

During the first step, a nervichnaya conversation with management, enterprise experts examine, analyze energy savings contract that had previously been signed now.

At the 2nd step collects information that can be useful in an audit, it appears likely potential for energy savings.

At the 3rd step of conducting a survey of the enterprise, make newhich was spoken of the major consumers of energy, charts of all processes, the analysis of the work of consumers, carry out calculations of energy use by all users separately.

the effectiveness and outcomes of energy audit

The result of energy andUdit is to assess the energy efficiency of spending. Based on this assessment specialists audit organizations develop a program of measures to save energy and improve energy efficiency. In addition, a passport energoobsledovany object according to GOST 51379-99. This document contains all the important infdeformations of which in the future will be used for the growth of the potential energy. This data sheet indicates the amount of wasted resources, equipment accounting tools, energy efficiency class, the percentage of loss, as well as the typical characteristics of a plan to increase acquired.

In other words, the actual content of the audit est tips that do not always apply. Very often the case that ruzultaty recorded on paper and records are on paper and nothing more. In the end, everything is in zavimosti from: enterprise management, readiness to engage in an increase in energy efficiency, readiness to invest all this money. But in practicehas long been confirmed that such work gives impressive results, while respecting acquired councils there is a significant savings in energy supply. In fact, the management company receives detailed information on the causes of the loss of energy. And the owners of the enterprise can only remove these predposylki.

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