Water resistant laminate: Myth or Reality?

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We will not weary the reader for a long time waiting forTwet the question whether there is a waterproof laminate . Yes, this type of laminate flooring there. How this is achieved useful quality, we will reply later. Only have to warn: laminate is notcan be absolutely waterproof. To cover is included in natural wood, there is a limit to which it will be able to resist the influence of water.

Let us recall the design features of the laminate and

Center for sandwich plates serve basis. It prousual from a wood or particle board. Normal laminate is done by bonding the carrier stabilizing and decorative layers under high temperature and pressure. Durability is achieved through the participation of melamine resins and adhesives in the manufacture of the plate. Such a laminate tolerates light wet cleaning, but not be able to resist serious contact with water. Seeping between the joints,   water leads to swelling of the slab and its subsequent   deformation after drying.

The water resistance of the coating laminirovanogo

This problem does not stopalas unnoticed manufacturers laminate a. Has developed a new technology that will significantly enhance the resistance of laminate flooring to water. There was a waterproof which was higher, but the water resistance and strength of the board HCJelic. In the production of water-resistant design all end side of the board are treated with special mixtures, includes in its membership the wax. Micropores of the material are blocked and do not give water to penetrate into the structure. The weakest point of laminate tion board - this tool joints. They Aremore likely to suffer from moisture. Locks are covered by special structures on the basis of wax and paraffin. This production technology helps both to seal the laminated panel. Gives additional protection to the processing of joints between boards moisture resistant adhesive composition.

Advantages waterproof laminate and

Waterproof laminate in able to move without sacrificing appearance quite serious disasters. Nothing bad will happen, even if the floor has got a large amount of fluid in the cluchae example, leakage water pipe, or breakage of the washing machine. Nevertheless, there is a limit opportunities and waterproof laminate a. In contact with water for a long time can not none, even the most robust design. The extent to which waterproof laminate will resist moisture penetration, does not exceed 6 hours. If unexpected flooding still occurred, you should immediately remove the water from the surface. All items that contribute to water retention, such as mats, should be removed. To accelerate the drying floor summer nAdo open the windows and turn up the heat in the winter. If water has penetrated into the coating need to remove baseboards and parse structure in places where there are wet bar. After drying, high-quality, most likely will not have to replace the slats on the new board.

Forms waterproof laminate and

Waterproof laminate is three species. Standard panel 3 is able to   hours   into contact with water without any consequences. 6:00 withstand coating with a high resin content, so Nbe ordered Aqua laminate . There is PVC laminate , made on the basis of plastic replacing fibreboard. He is not afraid of water, but has not yet received enough popularity due to poor knowledge of practical features. If you want kudrink laminate for rooms where there is a risk of water splashing onto the floor, make sure it has a special water-resistant bottom layer.

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