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For most people, balconyor loggia serve as a place for storing things that are not really needed and just take up space. But let's say that you have finally decided to "liberate" the balcony, to throw out all the trash and put in order the additional square footage to your space. In order to provide maximum comfort in the loggia, you need to take care of those itploizolyatsii. First of all, this is the right glazing. Now more and more people choose (double glazing) because of their practicality and aesthetics.
Before you do the installation of new plastic windows (PVC) on the balcony or loggia, it is necessary to dismantle the old glazing, if present. Usually it is an outdated version of Derevyannyh frames and plain glass. Frame must be completely removed, together with fasteners that with further installation of glass residual effects do not interfere and did not serve a false guide.
In general, the installation of plastic windows on the balcony or loggia - a job for an experienced professional craftsmen specializing in this direction. But the EUAre you confident in their abilities, and you have at least basic skills of installation of such structures, and, in addition, terribly want to try it yourself and save, then - go for it! Just keep in mind that the master of the company will give you a guarantee on their work and, if anything, fix flaws free. And you have to redo most, and not the fact that in this cluchae not have to use the services of the same master. For the money ... By the way, double-glazed windows you have chosen? ..

How to choose the glazing balcony or loggia?

For glazing balconies or terraces are typically selected single-chamber (2 glasses and camera between them) or dual-chamber (3 glasses and camera 2) withteklopakety. The characteristics of heat and sound insulation dual-chamber, of course, better. To improve the sound insulation should choose thicker glass glazing on the outside (they are standard 4mm, 6mm and 8mm), and in order to avoid resonance effects, require installation chambers of different widths, i.e. the distance between the panes in themselves kaMeasures should not be the same. Attention should be paid to the quality of PVC profiles at their total width. Because these windows are made to order, the width may vary. Standard thickness of glass 24mm, 32mm, 36mm, 40mm. The best manufacturers of windows for evroostekleniya considered Belgian firm Thyssen, the German company SALAMANDER, REHAU, KBEand, of course, the firm VEKA, which occupies a leading position in the market insulating glass. They made quality imported profiles, durable system that fully meet international standards.

The frames of glass can be made of wood or plastic

There is also a type of frameless windows.So what's the best option? The frame is a structure that is inserted into the window opening and acts as a carrier of the glazing. Since the frame is responsible for the operation of the whole system, it must reliably withstand the weight of the valves. Wooden frames are strong enough, they are cheaper than plastic sheath. Butplastic frames in an order of magnitude higher performance insulation. Shielding properties of PVC windows depend largely on the material of the frame, and on the number of hollow chambers between the panes and also on the quality and thickness of the glass itself. It may be a conventional, polished or special shockproof, consisting of two glasses of interconnected (mpIHRPEX). Seek to improve estimation characteristics of glass or in the manufacturing process, or using special film, to be applied to its surface.


When choosing the glazing should be paid attention to the quality of fittings: it's all kinds of locks, handles, hinges, fasteners. The characteristics of the FurnIturi will depend on the density of the closing of the window and the degree of thermal and acoustic insulation. Save on these small, but important details you through a short period of time to regret it. In addition to quality fittings must be present black rubber seals. They are responsible for the tight connection of the frame and sash, therefore, should be free of mechanicaldamage.

How much are double-glazed windows?

Here, as you know, depends on a number of reasons. Firstly, on behalf of the producer of glass: the more famous, the more expensive. And reliability. Secondly, on the set. Standard configuration - a more economical option than individual assembly. Third, it is the qualityGUSTs and the thickness of the glass. There are the usual standard glass economy class, but you can order a glass with additional features, such as self-cleaning or impenetrable. Quality fittings plays a role: the better, the more expensive. Well priplyusuet to the sum of the work of a professional-installer for installation of PVC windows to the balcony. As a result, the flooruchaetsya very large price spread - from 10-15 thousand. rub. ... to ten times more costs. The exact amount you have to pay, you can find out when you order the manufacture of plastic windows on the balcony or loggia. Well, let's say you already have double-glazed windows. What's next?

Preparing for the glazing of loggias

Before going to happen immediately installation of plastic windows, you need to carefully inspect all places, abutting the presence of cracks. They need to be sure to seal the cement or sealant. Due to the impressive weight PVC products should pay particular attention to the support structure. For all construction -montazhnym rules hundred plastic windowsput to the parapet of brick, timber and foam. You can order a PVC windows, which will crash into the ceiling and the floor. Then the lower part of the glazing is "deaf" and the upper part - mobile, with wings. You decide, based on personal preferences, price and functionality loggia.

Immediately she installation of PVC windows (window frame glassAketi)

Once again it is worth recalling that the installation of windows require special skills and knowledge. Therefore, the desire to save money and get the job done in the home can lead to undesirable consequences. Rely on working professionals - Save time and hassle. If insufficient arguments that the same ... the Internet is full withthieves and videos on the subject, only manage to separate the important from the unimportant. And good luck! New windows installed?

The final part of the work on the glazing of balconies or loggias

After installing double glazing gaps between the walls and fill the frame sealant to better retain heat, there is noILA blowing and getting water from the street. If you wish, you can arrange lining the inner surfaces of the loggia plastic panels, wood paneling or other materials.
If all goes well, all you have to decide on the insulation of floors, walls and ceiling waterproofing, as well as about what is the functional significance will perform yourgazebo ... well, now he is clearly not to keep unnecessary stuff, and I almost forgot, you still have to, because as with any construction robots - debris and dust will be enough.

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