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Novosibirsk always ready to receive tourists as with Russia,and from near and far abroad. All this thanks to the central position which the city takes in the region and its economic potential. Economy Novosibirsk is based on development of industry and science - a huge number of design and research institutes, large high-tech industries - all this is typical of Novosibirsk. NamelyHere is woodworking equipment: band saw, various units and machines. The equipment is produced in Novosibirsk available in nearby regions of Russia, whose industry focus mainly on production.

Center for Science in Novosibirsk is the largest scientific center "Akademgorodok". Here are the timesprivate universities, which conduct research and development, which are directed to the production of high-tech innovative products.

Also, Novosibirsk - is a major cultural center with a variety of theaters, including "Novosibirsk Municipal Theatre of Opera and Ballet." Here, the world's largest opera house. Art galleries and museums are enormouse art collections. In Urban art gallery you can see works of Roerich.

Novosibirsk, despite the difficulties, compared to other cities in Russia is quite comfortable to live in, with a favorable atmosphere for business development.

Where to stay in Novosibirsk?

Life is unpredictable and if for example you have to visit Novosibirsk, for example, you need to go on a business trip, or visit the town and "family reasons", then you need to pick yourself hotel to stay . In this respect, you're in luck, because in Novosibirsk has huge number of hotels for every budget andcous. Let's look at the best of them.

Hotel "Novosibirsk"

This is a luxury business hotel with European service will leave only the best memories for guests. The apartments of this hotel, deserve special attention because they are equipped with the latest technology. So: dow, built-in air conditioning, cable TV, refrigerator, mini-bar, you will find almost all the hotel rooms "Novosibirsk". Please note that if you stay here with a child under 7 years old, he will live for free in the class room "Junior." By the way, a hearty breakfast included in the room rate. Well, a few words about locatedSRI hotel. Hotel "Novosibirsk" is in close proximity to major attractions, as well as from the railway station.

"River Park Ob Hotel"

Located on the shores of the River Ob in the area of ??the River station. If you come to Novosibirsk on business, "River Park Ob Hotel" will be for you naia better option, because in this twelve-storey hotel has 5 modern function rooms for business meetings. Businessmen will appreciate the facilities of the hotel, as there is very easy to organize conferences, important negotiations, presentations, seminars and workshops. Depending on your needs, tastes   and personal, etc.edpochteny "River Park Ob Hotel" offers the following facilities: "apartment", "Standard" and "economy class". The interior rooms are designed in classic style is sure to please even the most fastidious guest in.

Hotel "Sibir"

Located in the heart of the city and is the real end of the conferencentrom Novosibirsk, where regularly organizes business events and celebrations of the highest level. For guests who want to relax there are all conditions: night show, hour bar, a Finnish sauna. Since today no serious businessman can not do without the Internet, in Siberia, you can easily book your room with a dedicatednetwork access.

Hotel "Central"

Hotel "Central" is a hotel complex economy class in the center of Novosibirsk. It is a good combination of convenient location and affordable prices. Each room has a refrigerator, telephone, television, and all the creature comforts needed toTERM person.

"Zaeltsovskiy Forest" and "Favorite"

A little further from the business center of Novosibirsk hotels are "Zaeltsovskiy Forest" and "Favorite", where you also can easily organize a business meeting or a meeting of shareholders. On the one hand, the location of these hotels quite markedly reduced the price of artoimost residence, but the quality of service in hotels is at the proper level. With regard to transport links, then within 15 minutes you can find yourself in the historic center of the city.

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