Restoration of parquet: scraping, sanding, coating and varnishing

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Overcentury of its existence, parquet gained fame « eternal » sex. Those who are lucky in your home, no need to explain how good it is. This floor covering made of natural wood is not only exquisite beauty and nobility, but also has high strength. With proper use and constant care parquet preservesnyaet their appearance for a long time but, nonetheless, there comes a time when it would require a more serious concern. Price to the floor is quite high, so with sufficient preservation of the old sense to make its restoration.

Repair and restoration flooring

No matter how careful was not related to expParquet with supervision, it is difficult to completely avoid contact of coating debris in the form of sand, dust and water. Furniture legs leave their traces, scratches and cracks appear. Parquet squeaks, because plank loosened over time on the load and temperature and humidity. Eliminate all these problems can only repair and restoration of the coating. Professionalny Master will do the task quickly and accurately, but its services are not cheap.   Restore the original appearance of the floor exercise, of course, time-consuming, but if you have the desire and, at least a little skill with the tools, it is quite feasible.
First of all, we should examine the parquet floor and decide kaKie it must perform the work for its restoration. If the scratches on the surface of small plates, it will be enough to treat them special retouch pencil. Gaps between the planks, deep scratches and chips must be thoroughly cleaned of debris and vacuum. Then they closed up putty for darker tone parquet blocks, so that afterDrying avoid differences in color. For the same purpose filler is used in the mixing of sawdust left over from the processing of the same flooring.

sanding parquet

sanding parquet is carried out in several stages. It needs to be sander. You can also use a hand cycle, but the process will be USDSHM and time consuming. The room must be free of all foreign objects, remove the baseboards. The process of sanding parquet accompanied by the formation of wood chips and dust, so the work should be carried out in a respirator and an open window. Be sure to check the floor for protruding nail heads and push them with a hammer. Then you can beginat work. First removed the old layer of varnish and rough grinding is performed to align the total surface area.

In the second step removes traces of coarse grinding. To process the corners better suited angular machine.

In the third stage the final alignment is achieved poverhnosti. For best results, scraping held up to five times. Some straps may be worn such that they will improve its form after the treatment. They can be carefully removed and flipped to the other side.

Opening parquet lacquer

After all scraping works carried out an autopsy PArketa varnish. Before this process is necessary to wait until the dust settling in the room, vacuumed the room and wipe the floor with a damp cloth. The surface must be completely dry. Lacquer is applied starting from remote places. The first two layers of lacquer require intermediate sanding. Then put another 2-3 layer parquet polishing as required,in the presence of irregularities.
It is recommended for 24 hours not to lacquer load. Two weeks later, polo drying can be considered complete, but about a month should be particularly gentle on the floor - do not move furniture and conduct gentle cleaning.

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