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For motorists presented updatesix cards Russian Federation   for navigation devices that run on Windows Mobile, which you can download on the official website. This update is included for the first time an additional 14 new regions of Russia and more than 200 settlements. On the map of the capital for the first time marked all the passages. Also, another feature of the updatedeniya is to change the existing maps. Highly detailed data will help any motorist easily choose the best route to the destination.

Software features:

Kernel Version: 3.2.6
Developer: Navitel
Operating system: Windows Mobile 2003 SE and above

Navitel urges not to delete a single atlas maps of cities in Russia. When you delete a « extra » map elements may occur unstable routing. You must download the entire map tselikom.Obnovlenie is as follows: it is necessary to remove and replace the previous atlas new.

For the correct formation of the Atlasa cards must be obtained from the official site map to move them to a folder   / NavitelMaps on your navigator or smartphone.

As mentioned, the added and updated data for the following regions and cities:

Added the 14 regions of the Russian Federation, the largest are listed below:

  • Sakha Republic;
  • Ivanovo region;
  • Tomsk region;
  • KhMAO;
  • Kirov region;
  • Tambov region;
  • Bryansk region.

Also in this release were subjected to detailed study of 203 cities and towns in the regions of the Russian Federation:

  • Volgograd region;
  • Krasnoyarsk region;
  • Moscow region;
  • Leningrad region;
  • Orenburg region;
  • Ryazan region;
  • Sakha Republic;
  • Sverdlovsk region;
  • Stavropol region;
  • Tomsk Regiondomain;
  • Perm region;
  • Tyumen region;
  • Krasnodar region;
  • Bryansk region.

The careful refinement of detail and subjected to the following cities of the Russian Federation:

  • Surgut;
  • Novy Urengoy;
  • Yeisk;
  • Novotroick;
  • Yakutsk;
  • Tambov;
  • Tomsk;
  • Nefteyugansk.

On the map of the capital applied to all driveways as Intradistrict and vnutridvorovye. Added information on pedestrian crossings Moscow (surface and underground). In Moscow and St. Petersburg are open all relevant free services such as “ Navitel plug & rdquo ;, “ Advance voice announcement regarding points POI ” , &Ldquo; 3D model ” the most important architectural structures, and more.

Big finalization been targeted array of cities. Surveyors did a great job, which helped to establish the exact value as the distance of streets and numbering of all domoin.

Added actual road junction. In the current version includes 83 regions of Russia, 56 regions with a detailed study and an estimated 63 000 cities.

Added numerous points of interest POI (cafes, gas stations, restaurants, monuments, architectural sites and attractions).

Also redesigned software interfaceand visual styles, namely:

  1. has changed radically "Settings". Now you can easily change the type of voice messaging as well as the type of graphic display cards;
  2. Improved drawing of map data (buildings, roadway);
  3. Added the ability to preview the voice messaging;
  4. The algorithm for finding the optimal route;
  5. Fixed some bugs that were identified in earlier versions.

If you have a navigatoralso bought a license, then you simply need to download the update from the official website and install Navitel, there you will be able to download and others. Enjoy your usage trends and good luck on the road.


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