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Specialists Translation « Friendship of Peoples » sdelaare for you transfers in areas such as: technical documentation, e-business, accounting, fuel, oil, gas, food industry, investment, sociology, telecommunications, criminal law, medicine, trade, energy, finance, marketing, advertising, sports, chemistry, healthcare, manufacturing, formeds, business securities, geology, nuclear power, construction, materials, agriculture, international law, human rights, corporate law, transport, copyright, media, environment, advertising, pharmaceuticals, elections, cosmetics, or in any other. Employees specialize in enough different areas, so will be able to perform laneEuodias on any topic that you need, quickly and efficiently.

The staff do translations in the following languages: English, German, Polish, Czech, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Dutch, Dutch, Norwegian, Romanian, Turkish, Slovak, Hungarian, Croatian, Swedish, Japanese, Russian,Ukrainian and others.

Translation « Friendship of Peoples » tries to approach each client individually, guarantees quality, affordable price, tailored to the order, will translate quickly, efficiently, professionally and according to the needs or wishes.

Development Office « Friendship of Peoples » not a hundredIT in place, they go forward, developing, expanding range of services - growing list of languages ??which makes it simple to transfer. You can not hesitate to trust, securities, and other technical documentation. Staff Translation « Friendship of Peoples & raquo ;. They not only perform all as quickly as possible, but also to advise you onAssociated with the paperwork, with their legalization or view them at the embassy.


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