Why plastic windows better?

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Why should rather carefully choose exactly metal, plastic aboutKPA ? A few decades ago, offered to any child to draw an arbitrary normal window and indicate from which it is material it is made, we would get the same answer - it is a rectangular window and its parts are often wooden. Window, rather reminiscent of the well-known logo of the company - the first thing that would have been drawn. At The Momentwooden window almost lost his previous position. Firstly, they are somewhat more expensive than plastic, the cost of the materials themselves and a certain complexity of manufacture. Secondly, each wooden box internally lacquered and painted - even if it's done the factory, through a new window dth will fill the air is not fresh aroma and odor of the chemical industry. The third reason for the popularity of smaller tree in the window s in the 21st century - a harsh winters combined with good enough heating. We simply can not afford to lose heat in the apartment, even if it is heatedboiler, not just centrally. After the loss of heat through a conventional wooden window larger, as tightness of all parts to each other is not always enough to perfect, and long life arise cracks, crevices, which obviously do not contribute to the comfort during the winter. Cost of Qualitynnogo metal- window amaze, and additional options in the form of drainage or mosquito netting just nikgda will not be superfluous! The most popular today are the window company VEKA, which have a reasonable price and high quality.More details about the plastic window x VEKA read.

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