Turkish bazaar: what to buy?

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During a visit to Turkey, you want to be skipped here to buy something, toExample: souvenirs to friends and family, or it might be the thing for your personal use. In Turkey, a lot of shops, boutiques, clothing Rink, souvenir shops, which can quench your thirst for shopping.

Istanbul is undoubtedly the best place for shopping. It is here that brings together the best products from all over Turkey. Kapali Carsi aka Big Bazaar is the most famous bazaar in Turkey, there are somewhere in the 4,000 stores. You should spend some time on Bazaar, located in the center Old Badestan where you can buy Oriental antiquities and ancient weapons, as well as Egyptian Bazaar (where they sell spices). In the port of Antalya is so the title of « Free Trade Zone & raquo ;. Here you can buy without taxes and duties. There is a free market, where they take checks and everything currencies, but it is worth remembering that it only works for foreigners, which is why you need to have your passport with you.

What can you bring from Turkey?

Turkey is known for so manyand things. But the most 1st place - it certainly carpets. In Turkey and handmade carpets and factory have the highest quality. This name carpets and called the most famous Turkish souvenir.
you You should also pay attention to: the amazing bronze and copper jewelry from onyx and majolica, leather, cotton fabricumazhnye blouses, high-quality colorful fabric, Turkish sweets and spices, as without gold, which is cheaper than ours.

Well, if you for some reason you can not visit Turkey - you can buy all the things that you like going to the clothes, even getting s couch.


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