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In my life we ??choose two ways: one broadcue, trodden by thousands of feet, the other - it's way through the thorns to the stars - stars within themselves, a process of gradual development really starts from within and gradually moving towards the world, to others, peers, friends, and relatives. This is the way of success.

What it takes to succeed?

• Advanceditelnye steps;
• Additional efforts;
• The courage to move forward;
• Ability to overcome various barriers.

Make your first step from which to start your big way!

How to pass the ADP

If you're worried before the DPA, get the opportunity to be "alone with aoboj. "Close your eyes and do some pretty deep, it is slow breaths. imagines here that breathe life-giving oxygen, energy, and exhale excitement and uncertainty. Take a few minutes to pleasant memories.
Successfully prepare for DPA, overcome insecurity, laziness, fear - is also a small victory in the greatth way of life. Allow yourself to be far higher and dream about the future, learn to reach dreams. The victory does not come to strong or very clever. Sooner or later, it still falls to those who believed in himself.
Take it and tune in to a positive result. You should never think that you can not cope. PovEph in itself, to elementary win. Remember, worry - it's just an emotion, not the method of solving any problems. Success is always with those who want it!

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